Is The Authorized King James Bible the mark of the Beast? Astral plane is HELL! STAY OUT! See this post for more: what is god and did he write the bible? I wanted a magic bullet and that video is the magic bullet because in the new testament if you read the book of Acts, the Holy Ghost fell upon people and they preached and newcomers believed. So that video the Holy Ghost fell upon these Chinese people and then many more believed. they don’t have bibles, and they don’t need it. you shouldn’t need it to know in the heart what it says, since when you receive the Holy Ghost, God writes the Law on your heart. So I wonder what would happen if there were no more bibles allowed in America, do you think it’s that big a deal if the books are banned?

No because the same underground church phenomena would happen here, and this would happen after the majority of so called luke warm feel good Christians who celebrate christmas, easter, and say they love Jesus but don’t really want to honor his words. Some pastor, not trained in bible college, anointed by God.  God will raise him up and make him so powerful that he can recite the whole book without ever even read one. After reading that Joel passage again in context it appears that it is talking about the second siege of Jerusalem by Romans, where the people are in bondage and cast out again. So how does this relate now though? The abilities given via the Holy Ghost don’t change. They were there since the time of Pentecost. But of course we need to keep separate from “Pentecostals” who are actually devils rolling around on the floor.

I mean this counterfeit nonsense. Just look at them, the pastor puts his hand and you fall down. Reminds me of this guy who teaches Chi: Stan Lee’s Superhumans covered it in Episode “Jawbreaker” From Wikipedia: “Daniel meets martial artist Tom Cameron of Chicago, the “Human Stun Gun” who claims to focus the power of “Chi” to deliver knockdown blows to opponents without touching them” And here is the truth about chi knock outs:

So as you can see, there is a counterfeit Holy Ghost. The truth is these Chinese people are in church services everyday almost all day long, pouring their hearts out. Pentecostals are in church as much as anyone else is and do not have a sound doctrine. They do not understand basic things. And they think that speaking in tongues means talking gibberish. No, it means speaking with the Holy Ghost and people hearing in their own language. they shouldn’t have to otherwise how would they know how to approve of the books of the bible? it’s the people never seen a bible but believed because someone read it to them? no I mean if you read a bible to someone they are not going to believe. it’s not the bible it’s the holy ghost inside the person that makes other people believe.

I am thinking this guy saying that reciting scripture without ever reading it and committing it to memory being impossible because of

2 timothy 3:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: is not true!

Of course not. Why? because this passage was trying to deal with how there were people going around saying things that were untrue, and then Paul exposed them by name a few verses later. So this line is telling Timothy, a new Christian to check the scripture they have to make sure so they are not deceived. Of course if someone is preaching without scripture, they should be able to look in the scripture to make sure it’s exactly what is written. it should be! that’s what I said for people who have the whole thing in their heart and be able to recite it without ever reading the bible. They should not be saying things that are not in it. if someone does not have the holy ghost, they will not be able to understand the bible anyways! and that is why it is constantly taken out of context by haters of God’s words. If you have a bible, are you going to get saved? No, not necessarily. It is not important that people have a bible to get saved. But it can help people get saved. The bible is not full of lies. For someone to claim that is ridiculous, especially if they claim to be a Christian. This is not about religion and people who study religion in school are most likely not saved, you do not go to school to learn to be a pastor, you are chosen by God and God lifts you up and you just preach with the Holy Ghost. I mean, even before the entire bible books were written down, people who were saved, given the holy ghost, knew that there were people going around telling lies and prophesying what is not going to happen.

The entire 66 books are in heaven, and I was led to that video ironically by checking out claims that the bible itself was the mark of the beast. no it’s not, but people need to be careful not to make it an idol. is it funny there are 66 books and the mark of the beast is 666? that is obviously not literal like I see 444 a lot. “In 1666 appeared the first edition of the Authorized Version from which the Apocrypha was omitted. It had previously been omitted from some editions of the Geneva Bible, from 1599 onwards.” so this plague happened BEFORE the 66 books happened. is it odd that the first time there were 66 books in the authorized version is in 1666. does that make sense? are we supposed to take the number 666 literally like many do? he’s doing good study. 666 must be decoded using Greek. it’s not really an evil number except that evil people have seen what it said in the bible and taken a tattoo or username online just to make fun of Jesus Christ believers.

You cannot say that 66 books and being born June 1566 is 666. or that 1666 being the year the authorized bible became complete means anything. This is only our calendar. English language and the Gregorian calendar are not paramount. We are talking about symbology in God’s eyes, not man’s ways. How silly. Who knows if this actually leads to more persecution of Christians because people thinking their bible is the antichrist’s mark. He’s like go tear up a bible in a gas station or supermarket and tell us how much buying and selling you are doing. Well of course. If you vandalize or if you act like a crazy person tearing up books in public, you will be kicked out of the store.

The system under the antichrist is some sort of global control system where Satan will rule as god on earth and the false Christ! Isn’t that his plan? To be like God? And you know what, the elite who answer directly to Satan are moving towards that right now. If they lie and say the mark of the beast is the bible, that is great for the extermination of Christians because they will be seen as people who took the mark because they read from the bible. Like what if the Catholic church, who still has the apocrypha in their bibles says that the 66 book bible is the mark, and then puts all people who have a bible in a concentration camp? If you saw the mark of the beast, it’s too late. Satan would have his control over the whole world already. The mark of the beast should be something like wanting to be like the world and be part of the world. so why is not the Apocrypha in the AV1611? Because they contradict the other books. And why are the gnostic gospels not there either? Because they contradict scripture! So of course. We should now look at a Greek study of the number. I mean seriously, it just shows how much research the guy did to claim that King James was the beast who unleashed the 66 books of the bible and him being born in Gregorian calendar 1566 and being called King James VI. I think that the Catholic Church would love to get rid of bible worshipers because they want any ploy to bring people back into the church. So along with other strange coincidences why you shouldn’t say our God is a bull because the letter Aleph originally was El which means ox-head. See the study there, and how this coincidence could also be used to exterminate Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Watch out where it says we don’t have a correct translation of the bible, these people don’t know what they are talking about. See this post number 1 for more on that lie being taught in church, which is another Catholic lie being brought into the protestant world to bring them under the umbrella of the one world religion. Swearing on the Bible, believing that the Bible is God’s words written down, which it is, is evil, and satanic. The reason why our leaders do this is because the system we have set up in this world is satanic. All politicians and law people and people in court have to swear on it, meaning they are saying they will tell the truth, but this is an oxymoron because Jesus Christ is the truth and Jesus told us never to take any oaths, and especially you don’t swear on the Bible. They do not do this because the Bible is their god. This is what the guys were saying about it. Their god is Satan. If it was up to them and as you can see it is up to them, as the Bible has been labeled in some places as hate speech already and banned. Look at this, infowars, I guess is a free speech zone?  Wasn’t you allowed employment only if you are believing in God? No not at all. Alex Jones says he is Christian but he’s a liar because true Christians would never work with atheists and allow things like this on their site.

hxxp:// I mean I do sound like I do not support the first amendment? Well they do have a right to say they think the Bible should be banned. However it’s another oxymoron because our country was founded on freedom of religion and this means we should not like people like this who want to attack our first amendment rights to practice our religions. How dare Alex Jones and company hire such hypocrites to be employed to a site that is supposed to try to take our freedoms back. It is all hypocrisy. Comments are closed because you can see Paul Joseph Watson does not support our first amendment.

And now I will use the Bible itself to prove you cannot take oaths. So then how can the Bible be the mark when it explicitly says this is going against god’s will?Swearing on it shows disrespect to it. What would they do? Pile more charges against you for not swearing on it? Taser you into submission? Talk about the bible being the mark? No, you would be persecuted A LOT more if you refused to obey the courts stupid rules. Did I take an oath before? I don’t think so, but I ask God for forgiveness if I ever did. Maybe signing “I agree to the terms and conditions” for downloading a program for the computer. I don’t know if that is taking an oath. Everyone clicks it even though they don’t realize what they are clicking. But I learned from South Park never to sign anything from Apple. Haha or any other evil organization. It’s usually just documents from other people. I wonder how long they are binding since I signed something like that for some company download maybe when I was in college, hence, the forgiveness needed. Also I did take a pledge to become part of a food cooperation once. And I did sign a waiver promising not to sue doctor I think? I already did a study on it. Taking oath is putting government over God so of course, probably has something to do with allegiance to Satan and the mark of the beast system so how can the Bible be the mark of the beast? They are claiming that they hold the government and the system as more important than God’s laws which state you cannot swear and take oaths.

Jesus did say what he said. Don’t twist scriptures so that you can be part of society. Old testament laws, were for old testament Israel and they were for situations where people maybe had to live amongst their people. Jews today are still believing that their messiah is yet to come, even though God sent Jesus already to them 2000 years ago and they wanted his death. So of course, if you want to mix with the world, you serve two masters. This is not about being honorable. Like I said, atheists would have a problem saying that oath too, they do not believe in God and shouldn’t have to say it. So what about taking oaths? How is this allowing people to buy and sell? Well for many professions, you cannot make money, hence, have any to buy or sell without taking some oath. So taking the oath, it’s the allegiance that is unsightly to God. It’s called affirmation and anyways, most people break their oaths anyways like police or politicians. Obama supposedly swore to protect our country and he closed the missile defense system. Also Reagan and Bush and Clinton and their Mena drugs and arms smuggling. Also drug smuggling and arms in Mexico with Obama.

And of course what about FDA do not they swear oaths to protect the food and medicine in our country? And they go after good people here and here. hxxp://

This is another way of saying it. Anyone who takes an oath is implying that there is some sort of double standard for truth. No, there is only one truth and you are supposed to be completely truthful all the time, because God said so in the ten commandments. So people who swear on the Bible, does this make the Bible the mark of the beast? I don’t see how it can. It is basically telling God, that you do not care what God wants or expects of you, that you should be truthful all the time, not just this one time in court, or before government service. The angel in Revelation says that the whole world will be warned not to take the mark of the beast. And many people ignore it. But it was heard. So it will be really clear when it’s time. This guy saying the Bible is the mark of the beast, the whole world will hear him? And many already took the Bible. This is ridiculous. The Catholic Church doesn’t care what is in the bible because they add whatever they want to it like Mary and Saints worship, Christmas, Easter, Holy Communion, Purgatory.

So why would the bible be the mark when the most antichrist church that ever existed, with a head the likes of the Pope, who has been responsible for calling himself a god on earth and killing millions of Christians and also raping millions of young children (the Pope, head of the RCC is responsible for every single sin that every priest and pope has ever committed because he assumes the throne of that abomination and is supposed to be their shepherd and keep them in line, but what does he do, he allows it to take place, and of course allowed the past popes to do what they did. What would be the right thing to do, apologize? Pope John Paul II apologized. Actually the right thing to do is repent and surrender to God and absolve the church into nothing, give yourself up to prison for the crimes of past popes, and fire or arrest the entire church establishment. So the Catholic Church goes against what is written in the Bible. The Catholic Church are more instrumental in giving the mark out than the Protestant Church of England of the Seventeenth Century. If you really are saved, the Bible should confirm what you already know. Like for instances, I already knew that water baptism was not what God wanted and then I finally found it. I already knew that God does not want to institute an actual millennial kingdom where sacrifices will be offered to remember those days. I mean come on, really? I already know that God does not sin. God does not kill people. So is the Bible the mark because people are reading it and not understanding what it says? No don’t blame the Bible. Anyone reads anything they will interpret differently. But the Holy Ghost must be used to intpret it. When someone says they were saved but then believes in a trinity, water baptism, literal millennial kingdom where Jesus will reign on earth and sacrifices will come back to commemorate the past, what is their problem? When people think that Jesus was born December 25 or that we are commanded to celebrate his birthday or his death and resurrection. This is not the Bible. The bible is not saying any of these things. These things were taught by evil pastors who were taught by evil bible seminary schools by people using evil translations, and these things were all likely set up by the Catholic Church to confuse people and get all the denominations warring with each other. So is it that the true church is at war? No way! The true church is NOT at war. Never could it be split up. We are one, with Jesus and the Father. There cannot be any disagreement. There is no trinity of the same reason. Any book can be read by anyone and misinterpreted. Did God promise to protect his words from misinterpretation? Unfortunately no he did not, or else there would be no reason to add warnings not to add to the scripture. And yet, people go out of their right mind trying to study the bible like David Stewart and many other people trying to prove things that are not there. See, when you are really saved, you know it instinctually what should be there and you would have a problem with it. I know God is Love and God does not sin! All these people teaching about God killing people, what are they talking about? They cannot possibly be saved. You don’t say a little prayer and get saved. You need a heart change. And you should know what it says in the Bible before you even read it. I read something and my mind was saying, wait, what’s it saying? I had problems with it, but then I read on and I was like, oh yea. The whole piece is in place. See? You can read one verse appearing to favor one argument and then read others. But if the bible was the mark of the beast for this very reason, then God would never have had any scripture written down in the first place. People would never have been writing for God. God’s way would have been some other way of passing the knowledge down. Because of course in Jesus time, the Judaites and Levites living there (I don’t want to say Jews because that is the wrong word to use, the tribes that were living there were the ones that were there, a Jew is a new term for someone who is Jewish or practices Judaism, but are they really from the tribe of Judah? Not all Jews can trace their lineage back to the tribe of Judah, so no. A Jew is a Jew, not a Judaite. Jesus was a Judaite. I have been slacking here with this correct history lesson, but now you get it). So it was the Levites I think job to keep handle of scripture, and even though they did not all interpret it right. So God knows people will misinterpret it but he had them write it down anyways. So the fact that it is being misinterpreted cannot place God as the author of this confusion over what he says. What he says is in the book. What people read and then filter through their own silly beliefs about what God is or is not is their problem. And of course if you read Acts 19:1-6 and are a Christian, true believer, you will be able to debunk both Baptists and Pentecostals. Firstly, they debunk the myth about water baptism that baptism is by believing and then it’s debunked that someone should be passing the Holy Ghost to people by touching them like it’s some sort of reiki initiation attunement ritual, obviously not. The Holy Ghost goes upon people when they believe. People don’t put the Holy Ghost in people. If this was the case, God could have just anointed some guy in the past and had him touch people and give them God’s character (the Holy Ghost is not a person separate from God, the father). You don’t pass it on like initiation rites. Paul touched them and they believed and got it. I am not a Unitarian because I do not have a creed that Jesus was just a man but I link to this site to explain something more. I would be surprised if someone said they were a trinity believer and a true holy ghost christian like they actually had it. They are liars because you are not supposed to add to scripture. Scripture, all it is, what God wrote down. It’s already in the hearts of people who believe. And yea, God wrote it down, and we humans with our own minds misinterpret if we are not reading it with the Holy Ghost’s help. God did NOT promise to protect his words that were written down from misinterpretation! The misinterpretation is actually part of the prophecy because if the Judaites and Levites in the first century understood their scriptures they would have seen that Jesus was the Messiah and all believed, and also known he had to die, so they would have not ordered his death in anger, but something else. In fact, it’s impossible for that to have ever happened because it was prophecy that Jesus was to come amongst his own people and be hated by the majority of them. So of course, God promising that no one would misinterpret the scriptures is absurd. Is the Bible the Word of God? You can’t say that because the word Bible is not in the Bible. The Word of God is defined in the Bible. So I don’t like when people say that and I won’t do it either of course.

Paul even writes in the 1 Timothy 4:1 NOW the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; 2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; 3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

Sounds like Catholic Church forbidding priests to marry. And also Eastern Orthodox forbidding them from eating meats. What doctrine is important? Of course we are speaking of New Testament doctrine, such as for instance what Jesus taught.

And we see the emergence of these people baptizing in water like their life depended on it or giving creeds of devils (trinity, binitarian, or Unitarian). And there is a great falling away from the faith. How can this be? How can people fall from believing? Well for one thing I think Catholic Church, and Evolution both have a major role there, as well as the New Age Movement. But what are the sound doctrine?

2 Timothy 4:2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. 3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; 4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

I mean of course, what is sound doctrine? What Jesus taught them! So of course people believing lies. Like maybe that Jesus had long hair. Or maybe that Jesus birthday was December 25. Or that he commanded us to worship him on Sunday, commonly known as Lord’s Day when we don’t know when he rose. We know that Jesus was seen first on the early morning hours of the first day of the week. We assume that to be Sunday, and also assume that it means that he rose that day. What was a day though? Were they observing Roman days or Israelite days? Much dispute over this has led to Seventh Day Advents worshiping on Saturday. But there is no commandment to do this. Jesus was our Sabbath. If we had to work, we take a day off for us, this day was not for him, it was for us because of our heavy work load. This is what Jesus taught. He understood what it meant because he was the first endowed with the Holy Ghost. So if people say to me, I must observe days or I am going to hell, I get angry because they are not adhering to sound doctrine and trying to twist scripture for their evil own evil intentions, growth in numbers and tithes. you do not need to worship the first day of the week. There is no commandment. People usually met on that day anyways back then in the new testament, but that is not proof that they are commanded. It just maybe was easier. Notice the church I list. They meet EVERY DAY. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be praying everyday to the LORD. Do you live your life for you? Or for God? Most “Christians” are not living for God. Pray ceaselessly. Does this mean always be in a church? No, it means everything you do, know that God is watching you, and know that you must make sure you are doing right by God. We are under grace but that does not give us any license to sin. Notice feel good luke warm Christians. Not being under law means not having to do blood sacrifices to atone for your sins. Your sins are taken care of. Jesus sacrificed himself and now no more blood sacrifices needed.

So Jesus wants you to take your cross and follow him, be perfect. This means that we are still supposed to try our best at all times to be separate and be holy, not like the world. Too many supposed believers, myself included, have gone around trying to justify sinful behavior. How do you get your prayers answered? You need to make sure you confess your sins. So back to where I started, long after Jesus ascended to heaven and the Holy Ghost came upon people when they believed, Paul still needed to train young believer Timothy to look in the scripture to warn him of false teachers. And you know Constantine was already practicing Holy Communion, which was not instituted by the Catholic Church but was some lie brought in sometime before him. Of course not all the lies originate with the RCC, I was wrong about that one. So the revelation came to Harland because he said to pray to God you must be in trance. Is this true? I have to research this. God doesn’t give false revelations that would lead to someone lying and twisting scripture around unless that person was being judged. I can’t tell what his heart is like, only that he’s making up nonsense at his site, and twisting history and the truth. Also there are bible verses where it says people went into a trance to hear God speaking to them.

This must be investigated further. We cannot just trust one guy’s words but if our prayers are never answered at all unless we are in trance then we can never ask God to figure it out. Did Jesus say go into trance when praying? No. He gave a formula for what to do when you pray, and there is an account for what he did. Fasting and prayer though, if you fast a long time your body can clear out toxins and mind could get clearer. Trance is a sticky road though since I know from the new age movement that they go into trance a lot.

Also he was using pictures of Jesus with long hair in his videos and talking about ghosts. Bible says not to consult the dead. And he was saying his dead sister came to him. I feel sorry though that someone would think this. All demons can disguise themselves as dead to deceive. When the dead go they die, this is it. They have no life until the day of the resurrection. And the dead who refuse God condemned to roam the earth? Is this Hell? I don’t know but he said his sister got saved and then she came back to him, that’s impossible. We are not supposed to consult the dead.

Third article, he doesn’t even know scripture and what it says so he fell to satan’s counterfeiting. When you get the Holy Ghost you should know what scripture is and what it means. And you should know when someone is teaching against. But for young believers, they may need to consult the book to make sure because the book is fine for reproof. It’s not to be burned because all has been fulfilled. Saying that is saying that Paul was not chosen by God. The answer is no. Ghosts are demons, all of it. People consult the dead and saw on video tape an actual grey alien. So dead grey alien? see here aliens debunked.

apparently 2 of the most demonically possessed men ever to attack the King James Bible were also ghost hunters. LOL. So of course, if someone says they encountered ghosts and is christian and is also attacking the King James Bible and has nothing really to say about all the new bible perversions, remember God did not promise to protect his words from misinterpretations or mistranslation, then they likely are demonically possessed. Thankfully though a search through his website led me to googling “Secret Church” which is proof that God’s spirit is poured out amongst people on Earth right now. And I cry when I think about it. So the idea of Purgatory which came from 2 Maccabees, a book from the Apocrypha is opening up the idea for ghosts. But you see, if ghosts were real, why would they be preached about in the correct light on TV? The TV networks programs are guided by apostate Jews (I say apostate because no orthodox Jew, the only true Jewish person who just hasn’t realized Jesus Christ as the messiah, but still wishes to obey God’s commandments and knows the Torah does not speak about dead roaming the earth) who want you to believe like they do. 2 Maccabees was written by apostate Jews. Catholics also are in control in someway of what gets shown on TV because the obsession with the shroud of Turin and the love of showing pictures of Jesus with long hair. If the TV was showing you ghosts, it is meant to try to deceive you away from God’s truth.

Fundamental independent baptists are viewed as terrorists but many still believe in a rapture, water baptism of some sort, and a trinity. So of course I am even more fundamental than they are and so more of a “terrorist”. Who am I terrorizing. I only want to show love to people and want to have them realize the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The real terrorists are the government and church and media executive heads who cannnot tell the truth if it bit them. They are all possessed by demons and so they teach about ghosts on TV. They teach lies about God like a rapture, episode of American Dad. They perpetuate the Christmas and Easter lie through movies dedicated to those holidays. Both are either Catholic inventions or came into existence by false teachers before Constantine. The Jewish Bible is the Old Testament but books are arranged differently.

The In Plain Site uses the word “light” to describe orbs of light, not saying that the orbs are not demons, but that i think where it says Satan was deceiving as an angel of light, it meant what he says sounds good to your ears, you know the “love and light” movement? where you need to accept everyone as they are and their path is equal to yours in God’s eyes and you can’t  judge? Who’s the one being persecuted? Actually I think gays do feel persecuted, but we are persecuted as well for not being allowed to preach to them! So both! Everyone is persecuting each other while the demons laugh.

UPDATE 1/26/2014

These books are not scripture and were omitted in 1629 at first. Not 1665.

I’m sure he’s never seen this. Sure does sound like he knows his scriptures. And he even knows that you should pray in private and how to pray. Most people don’t know that anymore. So it seems to me that King James was a born again Christian. He even says being witty is the mother of atheism. This is a great, showing that King James really believed the scriptures and understands what to do be saved. He doesn’t ever mention anything about at trinity, I would think if it was as important to him as it is to the rest of the Christian world, he would have mentioned something along the lines of it. Most likely he didn’t believe in such nonsense.

UPDATE 1/30/2014

Harland told me that I am one of the first people in a long time who could be a real Christian. and he told me elsewhere I already took the mark of the beast. Talk about inconsistency. If he really knows God, he would never be so inconsistent in his judgements on us. If you look at the Bible if you take the mark of the beast, you are done. You can’t prove you are not being controlled by it. God’s words are written on the hearts of believers and written on paper. I think I proved that. Also that he’s a liar teaching that King James was gay.

Read this and I say the same thing as I say basically back then. I showed no doubt on his video here and he said I was possibly a christian because I started talking about dealing with demons and seeing the spirit realm. read the comments he gives to Johnny Davis here. This was at 2:26PM, three hours difference. And the next one on YouTube was 3:30 PM or so. so if you took the mark that is it you are a gonnerhow can he say I can become a christian after I already supposedly took the mark of the beast

I am not going to be stubborn though and say that he doesn’t have a point, at least. That is not the Bible’s fault though. Unsaved men will always misinterpret what it says because the written words would confirm what they already know. Can you buy the word of God? No. The word of God is eternal. But people wrote it down so we can preach it to the nations, so they can learn about Him. There are instructions in the Bible how to get saved. If you call out to God ask him for forgiveness through Jesus Christ and believe God rose him from the dead, you will be saved. And you are given the Holy Spirit which convicts you of sin. Granted I do not believe that he can claim that God is a trinity. That is adding to the words written. The words written are the same as in heaven, always was. How are we to see false prophets for what they are if many people go around saying conflicting things and saying they talk to God but we don’t talk to God that way? We do not astral project. I know of this because of what I said. How can we know when men talk to God they become the idol like I said. We must not seek counsel with them but only with God. So I cannot go to him for help anymore. The Holy Spirit at first led me to him but then led me away because I was going to make him an idol. Men of God do not lie though. Using 666 to talk about someone’s birthday? So then our birthday is the number of our name? So my number is my birthday? What about people born June 1966? Every single one if they were born at 6 PM and they weighed 6 pounds 6 ounces they could be the antichrist!! God has fooled the world and made them think they can hear God in a book. No it never says that in the Bible, but I bet that many people do think they hear God in the Bible speaking to them.

Correct, why are they taking doctrines out of the Bible to prove it is the mark of the beast and then also misinterpreting a lot of what it says. Like saying that in Acts 19 the people burned their scriptures. No, they burned their witchcraft books. It even says so. Acts is a historical document for what happened with the apostles. It is not a lie and even says how to get the Holy Ghost. Even says that we are baptized by the Holy Ghost and not by water. Even says that apostles were stumbling and not remembering what the Lord commanded them to do.

But if these bible haters think we need to be baptized by water:

According to him we need two baptisms but this is contrary to scripture. And of course he believes in eternal hellfire for those who do not get saved. Which I am working on, studying, praying about and doesn’t really make logical sense. Hell seems more like is punishment for a period of time until they repent, and those who do not still, are annihilated. Girl who is talking sounds led by spirit, but how do I know she is teaching truth? She would become an idol. And how do we know, Paul always said for baby Christians to consult the scriptures. Never does it say burn them. Jesus did not say burn them, you don’t need them anymore. Is he saying it now because it got so bad that people are worshiping the Bible? I do not know. I can’t know because Jesus never spoke to me personally out loud like he did to Harland, making Harland a god among men because he can talk to God like that and was chosen. What about the people int he Bible who talked to God? And others could not talk to God like that? And they persecuted them or at the last did not listen because they can’t logically listen to just man. We are not supposed to listen to them though. I believe God is saving people and that they do not need the Bible. These unfortunate people are all being saved in groups and the energy is so palpable they cry and congregate for hours at a time. When two or three or more truly saved Christians gets together it’s amazing because Jesus is there with them. That’s why I want to meet them for real someday, some real saved people, not Pentecostals, Mormons, or Quakers. That is a huge power to be able to speak the Bible out loud without reading it and without memory. God gives it to people, yes, but he doesn’t need to give everyone every gift imaginable. Only the ones who need it because these people do not have bibles. So Harland also talks about eternal and doesn’t even understand what that word means. That word was wrongly defined in theology and dictionaries and is not wrong being used in the Bible. It does not mean forever. It means outside of time. There is no time outside this physical world. If hell exists, then it surely is not physical because our physical body dies before we are resurrected. And the word does not mean forever because forever is denoting time. Hell has no beginning or end if it is defined as eternal. So Jesus commandment about baptism is different that he didn’t say that John baptized in water but we should be baptized by the Holy Ghost? The wording implies contextually that water baptism is not to be done! And yet his Jesus contradicts the Bible. And Victor Hafichuk’s Jesus says the Bible was messed up and has contradictions, which is even worse, because I believe there are none. I believe God preserved his words in written language like he always has done as well as in the heart of believers. And if there are only 50 real believers, like some Holy Ghost people claim, which is against the Chinese underground church numbers in the thousands or millions, then they do not have the Bible so God had to preserve it in their hearts too. But for those who do not have any knowledge of God and are Hindu for instance, they are not getting saved unless God wakes someone up to start it. Or God sends a missionary with a Bible. I do not say I understand everything God does, only that what has been done in the past and what God promises. God promises to witnesses in Revelation. The antichrist religion is said to be craft. Witchcraft. Could this be the movement against the Bible? And using your own personal revelation? Signs and wonders through supposed god men? If the bible is the mark, how can it be and be outlawed as hate speech very soon in this country USA? How can the government outlaw something it wants you to have? Satan controls our government. What were the signs and wonders that got people to take the mark? Where is the near fatal wound that King James had to get?

Does this mean he almost died? Any real christian who is public and in power has had attempts on is life though. It doesn’t prove anything. David always prayed because they sought to kill him. They nearly killed Jesus with stones but he ran off, it wasn’t his time yet.

Here is someone who doesn’t believe he was a good man. Well everyone is a sinner. Yes he most likely did kill people… but Harland is not calling him a murderer, he’s calling him gay. Jesus quoted the old testament to defeat Satan and the pharisees. Why would Jesus want us to do something different? Jesus was the first person with the Holy Ghost, am I right about that? He is the first of many sons of God. He is the Begotten Son of God. He was the incarnate Word of God (this is a claim that I do think is possible but I won’t stretch it any further to say that Jesus is actually the Father). So God has no warnings not to add to his words? This means add to the paper? If God’s words only exist in heaven, no one could add to it, so no warning needed. What if someone gets really emotional from their experiences? I was trying to talk to some new agers who were doing astral projection against their will too, I thought they were going to get saved because he was a great person, never attacked anyone. And yet he wouldn’t want to believe in the truth of Jesus. He thinks Jesus was once Osiris, reincarnated. That’s stupid though because Jesus never lived in Egypt as one of their mythical gods. He also says he met the demons and his astral world is very real to him. I say yes, because the astral world is terrifying and it can be whatever demons want to make it to be. How do we know that it’s God and not a demon? God changes not. His words change not. He wold be giving the same revelations to people as he did in the Bible. That there is no more water baptism. This was done under the old covenant. It was sanctified. And people kept doing it incorrectly. So we are supposed to also have a Seder and follow the Torah rules too because Jesus did it? Jesus was under the Law of Moses. Jesus taught that the Holy Ghost would free us and bring us to God. The Holy Ghost wrote the new testament books. Men didn’t write that. The Holy Ghost wrote it with men as their pen. Paul was the pen for most of it, and Paul was not a false apostle because I proved that on my blog yesterday here. I think God is going to save all eventually. Right now people are getting saved in regions where there is most tyranny. So I think tyranny will lead many to get saved. People don’t usually get saved unless they are looking for answers to life troubles. Back to this argument, Harland was very emotional. But so are the new agers who are dealing with demons but cannot seem to overcome them because they do not believe in the Son of God. The demons they say are losing power, but demons are the masters of deception. The only thing we have is the Holy Ghost and the Holy Ghost is not going to tell us now to burn our bibles and prove our allegiance to God. Oh and back to the argument that the Holy Ghost only wrote the originals, that’s stupid because no one ever had the originals except the person who penned it and a few friends of his. Afterwards it was lost. so which scriptures describe Jews Christ the best? The gospels do. and they don’t even describe what we must do now that Jesus rose from the dead, because only the last chapter tells us some few last commands but many things in the early church needed to be straightened out by the apostles in their epistles. And we still need them today because there are people going around saying we must be water baptized even though Acts 1:5, 11:16, 19:1-5 clearly says not. And Harland,the original Bibleismarkofthebbeast said that we must be water baptized too! If you read them you will see that Jesus’ chosen apostles were even messing it up! They were not perfect either! That’s why we need God’s word. They did not have it then but we have it now on paper to confirm what true saved people really already know. Now I do not believe people can be saved and think they need to sprinkle some water on themselves. This is a pagan rite, a Jewish old testament rite, always has been. I am sorry if I sounded arrogant but I did always believe once I found Jesus Christ that this is a spiritual battle and man cannot give us the Spirit and man should not have the ability to baptize us, which is what Catholics teach, and even the protestants teach baptism is by water. Another thing they teach is that God will have a kingdom on earth one day. I do not think it’s as important as baptism to ones’ salvation, but I do not believe Jesus was lying when he said that his kingdom is not of this world. God lives in the hearts of believers. We are the temple of God. God is not building a 3rd temple in Jerusalem and if it happens, it’s Satan’s doing.

Say someone never picked up a bible and they support Israel because they watch TV propaganda. And the Holy Spirit lets them believe that. I know many people like this. How can they really be saved then? We must check the Bible! And in the bible Jesus said that their house is left to them desolate. This was also prophesized by Daniel. Jesus is the prince who caused the sacrifices to cease in the 70th week. The abomination of desolation was God no longer having his presence in the holy temple. To think it’s some kind of 3rd temple where a future antichrist lives in is foolish because there is no more holy land. God is not saving a remnant of people It’s all in the Bible, but only spiritual people will understand that God is spirit and we are done with physical laws like the old testament Israel had physical outward circumcision but it was supposed to be circumcision of our hearts which is what happens when we are born again. So again, for those claiming they were born again and supporting the modern state of Israel, they need to look in  the Bible and get convicted. I also felt extreme pain when I read online people are teaching that God wanted to kill Moses for not circumcising his son, thanks to faulty translations and misinterpretations. And also that there would be sacrifices again in the future mythical millennial kingdom. You cant take anything literally in the Book of Revelation which is what Harland has been doing with this 666. How can you say that the number of his name is his birthday? and the number of books in the bible? There are also 66 chapters in Isaiah. Should we just ignore everything Isaiah ever wrote? We can’t take literal that part and Revelation 10 and not take literally the obvious thing we shouldn’t which is the description of metaphoric language. All of Revelation is symbols. None of it is literal. There are other places in the Bible to take literally. Of course the warning at the very end is not a symbol. It is a warning that would be unnecessary if God’s words were only in heaven and never on paper. it’s not just history though no other book can claim prophecies were written in it and came true. The Bible has many prophecies that are coming true or had come true. Right now there are people getting saved thousands at a time in China!

granted they don’t have bibles, but they don’t have to because their situation is different. God is proving that he can save people without a bible. But this doesn’t mean the Bible is hindrance because they do ask people to read it to them at times. No Christian in the right mind would kill anyone for burning a bible. They would call them a blasphemer at least. The book is just a book. God’s word is in heaven and yes it has been written down for people who can read. At the end of the world all books will be burned up. Something that I mentioned on my blog too, that the Bible is now being outlawed in some places as hate speech or contraband in Muslim countries for sure. Gospel tracts are illegal to be sent. to people. If the Bible was the mark of the beast, how can Satan outlaw his mark? Satan is behind these laws that protect gays and Jews against proselytizing to them. So apparently this woman heard God tell her the same thing. But God did not tell me that. God told me that the Bible has become an idol. To say it is the mark of the beast is completely contrary to what God already has said. I already went through why we must reject all the other books that were written and why King James rejected them from his Authorized version.

One more article that is quite interesting:


Strong’s does say the word baptism is immersion but no word in this language understands what it means. Read the context like I said to learn what we must do. Don’t rely on the word meanings in a dictionary. Dictionary is not inspired. Dictionary was written by unsaved people.

Victor is right in saying that James has made the Bible, book equal to Jesus. This is wrong. Like I was doing the same and was reproved by God. God didn’t yell at me but showed me some things. This guy Harland’s site led me to that video from China. That made me realize that the Bible is necessary but it is not God. It is not THE word of God. But it was the words of God written down. It still is very good for usage, but we must pray to God, not pray to the bible. I hope that people who use the Bible are praying to God. Prayers in the bible can help, like psalms, but God doesn’t want us to read something already written, he wants us to speak from our hearts. I agree that God speaks to the believers in his own way with each, but when he does, this is different methods. Victor cannot say that the King James Bible has errors. He clearly did not study, and those errors will be proven wrong  if not already. There must be something written down that we can use to test false prophets. And of course, I agree, people must really be saved to see what it says. The bible says how to read it inside it. I am sure it says things like rightly divide the words of truth, and search the scriptures. Read the context for sure, something you learn in grade school. And do not filter your own judgements into it. Read it transparently, obviously. And you should come up with the truth. What happened to God changes not? So is God going to lead him to support a bible like the MKJV that is more exact, but still not perfect? How is it more exact? Should we look at it?

I think not. I now James was making me hurt by being too idolatrous by putting the written words on par with God. This is same as when God did not want the Israelites to worship the object. Remember how street preaching has become an idol? Anyone who talks to god is an idol too. People should just keep that to themselves because unless their revelation goes along with what is already written down in heaven, and already written down on paper, it can’t be true. God speaks to believers tells them what to do. But Andrea Yates claimed to believe in God and said God told her to drown her children. We can’t trust people who claim revelation from God if it goes against God’s bible. We are holding God’s bible higher than man, We are not holding it higher than God himself. But God is not going to contradict himself anyways. I said this already. Argument now by Victor is what was word of God before 1611

Answered that. But again it was in the hearts of people who believed. But God promised to get words written down. Not that words wouldn’t be messed up. In fact there are warnings against that. All the supposed contradictions I am sure have been proven wrong. People think there are contradictions but there really are none. No it doesn’t use the word infallible. But it says all scripture is good for reproof. So that means that scripture was to be used to prove that Jesus was the messiah, prove different teachings, disprove false teachers, etc. Because people need some source outside themselves. And back then when they did not have this book, they used whatever they had. So what, God promised to preserve his words, not as the King James Bible but it is the best we have RIGHT NOW in written format. All other written words unless translated in the same way, from that text, are incorrect. Why? Because just look at the comparisons and see that all other texts teach nonsense. People need an understanding of what English words were used. Don’t go looking in a dictionary though because like I said dictionaries are not infallible. You consult God for what it says in the bible if you have trouble with it. I am thinking about hell when saying this though. The answer is there if you read the whole bible. Face it the Bible is huge and no one’s really read it because if they did, and are really saved, they wouldn’t claim these Catholic heresies or claim other things that people do. People only just skim it, or read a section at a time and forget other parts. How can someone claim to have read it a few times and that there are contradictions? I have heard many people claim this? And then they claim that water immersion is the preferred method of baptism, whether it was by saving or not. Even though the Bible is clear that it is NOT! Really. Church is more the mark of the beast than the bible! Because people go to church, get indoctrinated, and then read the bible looking for their proofs so they can go witness to rival factions of Christianity which is stupid because they are all wrong. Satan is laughing at this deception where he has Catholics and Baptists arguing about whether we get baptized by water sprinkling or immersion when the answer is neither. Yes Victor, the apostles were WRONG when they were trying to water baptize! They are not infallible. No man is infallible. Only God is infallible. The apostles are just like us, rotten sinners who believed in Jesus, and got saved, and yet still didn’t know what they were doing in Acts part of the time. Remember, they gambled to see who the replacement for Judas would be? In the book of Revelation the angels make it clear that people should not take the mark and those who do will be tormented. So of course the bible can’t be the mark because this guy was only around for a few years on the internet telling people and not everyone heard. It will be so clear, that people will not listen to this warning and many will still do it anyways.

UPDATE 2/1/2014

Taking creeds is bad though because everyone will read the bible and interpret it differently. This doesn’t mean the Bible itself is bad. It means people are sinners and always going to war over different beliefs. If the bible is used as the objective point of view outside of ourselves and the doctrine being taught is not so simple, like hell, or what God is, either trinity or not, then people are going to read into it what they are going to read into it. People are the problem. But if they just read the text and didn’t form any beliefs about it, and at the same time still had faith in God through Jesus Christ, then they would be able to come together. And that is what is happening in those secret churches. Each person may have different beliefs about what it says in the Bible, but they are not attacking one another. And it is very important that we realize that. If someone has beliefs as long as they do not deny Jesus Christ as the Son of God and do not place their own works as importance but hold saving faith, then their beliefs are their beliefs. So what is most important is people have that saving faith and all the other things are not as important. The Bible is not the end game because people are always going to read it improperly. Notice how these Chinese real Christians just want the whole thing read to them so they can rest in Christ. The bible is not the enemy it is not the mark of the beast. Religion is more likely some sort of mark of the beast type thing. Man made religion is the enemy because religion separates. Every time someone looks at the bible and forms an opinion of what it says in it, they are going to be at odds with someone else. It is not the bible like I said because the Bible is being read to these people and they are not forming any beliefs that are causing divisions. Do you see any fighting between these believers? No. If you are fighting amongst your church brothers and holding grudges because someone is unorthodox, then you are probably not saved yourself. God does not cause division in the church. There is no division in the church. The church is not modern day Christianity. Modern day Christianity is all about division! Modern day Christianity is from Satan. And ecumenicalism will not fix this idea because that will only lead to everyone mixing beliefs and submitting under the authority of the umbrella once again under conditional terms. The umbrella being mother Catholic Church which all protestant churches came from, and the ones who are not part of it will be sidelined and deemed enemies of the state with warrants on them. This is not what I am talking about. The true church body is one, united. This is in fact scriptural. And this is in fact the meaning behind the word one, when Jesus says he and the Father are one. It means they are in complete agreement. It does not mean that Jesus is the Father. But see, if you are going to argue with me about this or if I fail again and argue with others, we would be acting in the flesh and not in the spirit. The laptop controls me. Smash it! The bible controls me! Rip it up! My bank account enslaves me, close it! I don’t want to do any of these things. If that means I cannot be saved, I hope it doesn’t. But that makes our salvation works salvation, like we have to prove ourselves to God to be worthy of him. This is what Harland teaches. He wants us to forsake our lives and be on the run causing trouble. That’s what he did. He went to churches and preached with the Holy Ghost and was kicked out. But I do not think he had the Holy Ghost. I don’t think that just because Jesus threw out the tables of money people from the Temple, that gives us the right to burn down Christmas ornamentation. It is a different situation. And I do not think just because Jesus called the Pharisees hypocrites, that does not give us the right to go up into synagogues and call people hypocrites. It was a different situation. Jesus had a mission to show old testament Israel what their sin was. If God appeared to me in a vision and it was really God and not some demon and said that he wanted me to leave America and leave these things behind, I would do it. But God never said this to me. Harland did! He said burn your bibles at least. And he implied that he wanted us to make scenes at christian gatherings by showing them true holy spirit. I do not feel good walking into churches. These are demonic places! If God called me to do it, I would. But not if Harland says so! We do not need to act out to prove our allegiance to God unless God said we did. And don’t twist certain scripture to prove it. Well anyways. I worry about the people who think the Bible is the mark of the beast. I think it doesn’t add up logically to say this. People who do this need our prayers. I want to pray to God a lot better like the Chinese are doing, but I do not think God expects us to live in caves forsaking all our possessions and fleshly bodies. In fact there was a cult in the first few centuries AD that did that. It was called Asceticism and practiced by monks called Desert Fathers. But God doesn’t require this for all people. Some people need to stay in cities and preach to the lost! Also it never says in the Bible that God must be speaking directly to you in the sense you are hearing God’s voice as a prerequisite to being saved. But Victor says God speaks to him and I doubt that because he uses a ridiculous messed up bible. My dad says the Bible is a tool just like my laptop and shouldn’t be destroyed. I do not think this needs to be destroyed but I could leave it behind if God called me to do something else. I already brought a few people to Christ by using both the Bible and the laptop computer. if Harland was right that the mark of  the beast was a long time ago, then we have nothing to worry about coming in the future. if the mark was in 1611 then king james would have forced people to read the bible or they would be put to death is this what happened? If this was right, then for 1260 years before 1611 which is the year 351 AD was the start. So what happened in 351 AD? this thing took place 331 AD. So the change in the calendar happened in 1582 but this was only 10 days, not 20 years. So did King James VI kill people who wouldn’t attend church? Hmm…Did King James also cause fire to come down from heaven? So did King James cause people to worship Constantine who’s wound was healed? I am not so sure about that, except the preface of his bible the authorized version does say something good about Constantine. yes he did persecute. But did he make fire come down from the sky? another site by someone this is a copy from the other site.  and reading through it there are points that are interesting again. Maybe he is actually right. That if we allow the words in the Bible to control us rather than God then we cannot be truly saved. We have to allow the Holy Ghost to control us. But I must have the Holy Ghost or else I would not be even looking at this again. I can’t put it down. Says that King James did persecute a lot of people who wouldn’t go to his established churches, like puritans, and Quakers. They were accused of being witches for being able to speak the bible probably without having the book in their hands. Prophesizing, visions, these are the promises. It also said that they refused King James bible because of his attack on them and took the Geneva one. The Geneva was not the best translation but they did not want King James book because he was a monster to them of course. I do not think that is proper. Did they literally go into churches and burn bibles? Were they seen crying out in the town square? So they refused to go to church to listen to preachers read from the bible and the churches were not getting their tithe and then they refused to swear oaths in court on those bibles too. This is really wrong. I was crying when thinking about it. Of course it is not this way today, no one really cares and that’s why I didn’t see the Bible as the mark of the beast because no one really cares about it that much to throw people in jail for not going to church. I mean if everyone stopped going to church that would be a good thing. The Quakers wanted to just sit and pray silently and not listen to the bible being read to them. But the thing I am still having a problem with is if many Quakers are speaking out loud things like “I got a revelation to beat my child!” or “I got a revelation to have 3 wives!” How would we make sure that they are not getting revelations from the devil? That’s what the dude was trying to say why we need the Bible. If someone is just living by what they are feeling, they could be a new ager, led by a devil. They need some sort of outside authority to make sure that they know they are being led by God. God doesn’t lie. God doesn’t contradict what was already spoken. The apostles spoke to God, they wrote down what the Holy spirit was telling them. God doesn’t change. What they had to be within the confines of what was already written down. Thursday night I was at ease. The bible is not putting me in pain. What puts me in stress is when I am confused and uncertain about what is true. And that dude and me was believing that the Holy Ghost was telling us that the Bible was not the mark of the beast. But now I am wondering again if it is, and this wondering is putting me in pain. People who wanted to speak to God personally and not read from a book at all were being controlled by the book and persecuted against. Still one more thing, what were the signs from heaven that the second beast King James caused everyone to take his mark? Revelation 13:13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, and I still don’t understand how the number 666 could be his birthday and title since the book of revelation was written in Greek.

I am not done watching this video, maybe it will clear things up for me. But I think the bible is an idol for unsaved people to search through and argue with each other. But I do not understand why it could be the mark of the beast. I was thinking the spiritual predicament it causes people who are unsaved to be under could be the mark of the  beast. But the same thing goes for the Qur’an which causes divisions in Islam. And the Talmud for Jews. All people have some book to guide them and if they do not have God’s Holy Spirit inside them they won’t know the truth and how to read the scriptures. They will fight. Like Catholics and Baptists fighting about which mode of water baptism to use when we are not even supposed to use water at all anymore. So I wrote that I didn’t like the pictures of Jesus with long hair because Jesus never had long hair. Jesus was never under any nazarite vow and yet he falls for the common lie being taught that he was. The shroud is a lie because Jesus never had long hair. The whole world believes this catholic lie. He says it could be the catholic lie. But I know I struck a cord because I know he once had long hair. So I went after that as well. I want to know why someone who claims to be a holy ghost son has long hair. “I see what you are saying but how do you know Jesus was under a Nazarene vow? Well girls should dress modestly and not make themselves appear like men. There are ladies pants of course. The problem is the intent and what people are trying to convey, that they are clearly part of their own gender. Homosexuality is still a sin. Transgenderism is a sin. I am saying that long hair on men gives the impression that they are a rebel in today’s age. The rock stars have it. It’s not customary. It was big in the 1960s and 70s but people who wanted to stand out would have short hair. So why do men do it now? Why defend people who want to be different? We shouldn’t draw attention to ourselves with adornments. Women shouldn’t be showing too much cleavage because it causes lustful thoughts. This does not mean they should be covered entirely though like in Muslim countries. The problem is still sin and we are all still sinners. The Holy Ghost helps convicts us from sin and  I do not believe someone has it if they say they don’t care about what was clearly pointed out as sinful. I am not sure what to say about Samson because that could be a special case. He was also a womanizer. So why would a christian man do it? Because they think they look like Jesus? They want to rebel? What was the reason why someone should make themselves seem different? We stand out by our testimony of Christ but not our appearance. We want our hearts to shine forth.  Even more importantly are those images of Jesus. Even though we are not “under the law”  does this give us the right to break it? Or does the Holy Spirit that dwells in us guide us to sin less and less and understand the laws as the laws are written on our heart.” I do not hate him but I want to see that someone has true revelation from God and is not just spewing crap. If he cant get basic things right how can we trust them. That is why I didn’t like Harland’s teaching. He had images of Jesus too. Holy spirit doesn’t convict him of that? It’s just whatever he feels like doing is good? No, the way I see it, is the Holy Spirit guides us so we do not need the bible books. The law is written on our hearts. We should know it without ever being told which is why I don’t understand why people can be so cruel and never feel guilty about it. And so when people who say they are guided by God deliberately sin, that’s an issue. If he says, o it’s just a picture to prove a point. I say well it keeps the catholic lie going on. It is sad. I don’t say we take it extreme. It’s not a sin in my opinion to draw regular people or photograph. Apparently is a sin to draw angels and demons also. It says anything in  heaven above, or beneath the earth. But it doesn’t say it’s a sin to draw other people or photograph them, something they didn’t have back then. “So I know Jesus is returning at the very end, but also these images of Jesus could be leading us to be accepting a world teacher that  has long hair and claiming to be Jesus and denying the commandments of God doing all sorts of witchcraft. Hope you watch out.” So I am worried if he supports Christ immediate return and when this false Christ comes and deceives the world, teaches craft as spoken of in Daniel. This would be really bad. Because I would think the whole world is moving to this new agey type thing. And where this false Christ would look like the Jesus on the painting and say just lead yourself by the spirit and there are no commandments, just do what you want. That is ridiculous. The point of the Holy Spirit is to guide people, convict them of sin, get them to repent to God, get into relationship better with God. You cannot freely sin, sin is still a crime, even though the debt was paid. Being saved does not mean you stop sinning, but God wants people to try their best once they are saved to stop sinning. If you freely sin and there is no conviction of the Holy Spirit then how can they be saved? And so this false Christ could say this, and that is why I wonder, they must not have any holes in their theory about the Bible being the mark of the beast. They must not because it is huge as there are plenty of people going around claiming this and that. But if they believe that and teach other things that is antibiblical [not controlled by Bible, but like I said I know what sort of things the Bible is saying about this without having to read it, but I did read the verses to quote but I am sure the proponents for mutilation would use those same verses as proof of their way and say I was reading it wrong]… like I saw that the site which was a copy of Harland’s work was saying that God’s circumcision of the penis was the foreskin removal? No, it was blood foreshadowing a father making his son bleed (God making Jesus bleed). God doesn’t want people to mutilate themselves. This is ridiculous. again the Qur’an did make this teaching more clear, I have to hand it to them in fact, I almost became a Muslim because of this. But they deny the Son of God. Jews and some Christian supporters say that removal of foreskin was God ordained at 8 days because it was the perfect time for some reason due to medical reasons. But this is ridiculous. They are mistaken because they don’t realize that the medical establishment is run by orthodox Jews. So of course they are going to print articles favoring their practice! I think I see where the weird perversions of the Catholic Church came from. Obviously they came from Satan. But they would say they are added revelations from God because God is still revealing new revelations today and to say that the Bible was the only revelation would be blasphemy. I used to believe that but now I don’t, but only to a point. See, God’s words that he gives people today, cannot contradict the words of the past because God does not change. So we can easily use past revelations to debunk the catholic church on their modern day revelations. And people who have visions in their sleep and claim to talk to God and see things, prophesize dates, the Bible says not to follow people who make false predictions. One false prediction and they are done. John the witness said that he is the witness of revelation. This is a lie. He makes false predictions and messes up scripture over and over again and says that the reason for false revelations is because God is judging him by making him look bad. But he is still one of God’s witnesses. I don’t believe it. If God is going to raise a man up to prophesize for Him, he will glorify himself through this man. Because how else would we believe him. The boy who cried wolf. He makes a prediction, it is wrong because God was judging him, and now God lost his prophet because no one will listen to his second prediction. Say he makes a good prediction, we think he is from God, and then he errors. He’s done. We say that he just got lucky. He has to get every prediction correct. If the Bible was the mark, then someone has to prove that God was inspiring other books that did not make it into the Bible as written with the Holy Ghost. Because they constantly say 66 books is 666. But the 666 was 600 60 and 6. That is the way the Greek numbers work. 66 was not part of it.

Chase Jester claims things like Constantine killing his wife and son? And digging up graves of apostles because he worshiped the dead. And he put temples over them. I don’t know where that is. But he did continue paganism. “unholy, errant, fallible, mistranslated history of the jewish people.” this picture is just getting lazy. There is no mistranslation in the King James Bible even if it has become an idol and even if it is the mark of the beast. They would need to prove this and every single proof has been proven wrong. I agree he legalized Christianity, something that was never supposed to be under state control. And he was a simple believer, but did not really have the holy ghost, because otherwise he would have not killed relentlessly and not have built temples. I am still not sure about the digging up graves part. I cant find that information, but I guess he found it somewhere in reading books about him. Well, what about his vision? We need to make sure our visions are from God. He thought he saw a vision from God and that led him to war  but you see, we can tell that this vision was NOT from God because Jesus said in the Bible, those who fight by the sword die by the sword. If he read the books of Christian writers he would have known better. But people who are led by the Holy Ghost. Make sure you really are, because if what you are being told is contradicting the Bible’s commandments, you are NOT! Constantine had an assassination attempt too, and this was before he converted though to believing in his head about Jesus Christ. We hear from God and don’t need a book to tell us what to do. The law is written on our hearts. Glad to hear he quoted that because then why does he post drawings of Jesus. Yes I know he doesn’t worship that, but the Catholics do. That is stupid to have a picture showing “dealing with bible contradictions” You only “think” there are. But if the Bible is the mark of the beast, then Satan would have made sure, I mean God would have made sure that the book was correctly translated. Haha you go to church on Sunday because people saw in the Bible that they were meeting then but that is not a reason to go to church on Sunday. It actually is most likely because they thought it was commanded by the Lord to worship the day he resurrected, but we don’t know what day that was. Was it late Saturday night or early Sunday morning? We only know when Mary Magdalene saw him. What about sun worship? That has something to do with it possibly. If people like tis though think the books chosen are just random ones then we can’t possibly know what was said, that I find really ridiculous. They all fit together. The problem is people need the Holy Ghost or else they will misinterpret it. First you get the Holy Ghost then you read it and it confirms what you already know. Not the other way around because otherwise you will start believing lies because you are not understanding the scriptures. So I don’t believe in reincarnation and there is one verse Revelation 10:11 that is bugging me but I will still figure it out soon that it is not speaking of reincarnation. King James did become king at one years old. But the bisexual thing? That is a lie. God doesn’t like kings? King is translated as tryant in Geneva bible? What about David and Solomon? God wanted to be King, but people begged for an earthly king. To say “tyrant David” is stupid. Did King James say that he spoke for God? Ok. I see he gave the appearance of a lamb though but was a wolf because he killed and persecuted many people thinking this was God ordained. When David killed, it was only when God told him to, except the obvious accidents he committed that caused him grief and repentance. the Geneva Bible was not as good. The fifth of November fireworks is the day he was supposed to die? That’s why they had a movie V for Vendetta that was in Britain for that date?

this is really funny. So of course to John seeing this would think fire in the sky Revelation 13:13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, I was always wondering about that. How else can someone make fire come from the sky? People do not have the power to make meteors fall. Ok so he said that the King James Bible was a mess collaboration between puritans and Catholics. I still don’t believe the King James Bible is a mess. Prove that something is not from God in it. Prove that the words in there were not translated properly. Can you do that? I still think people cannot read the Bible unless they have the Holy Spirit or else they are going to misinterpret it. That’s why there are always people arguing over what it says. Did I ever say “the bible says?” Maybe I did. Well now I know better. That actually irritated me when he said that. I usually just say that the Holy Spirit wrote through Paul, that long hair on men is a sin. And I told him why. The mark speaks when people read from it saying “the Bible says”. And those who did not worship it, meaning tey did not attend services to hear someone in authority read from it to tell them what they should be doing. They should know what they should be doing though. Quakers, were they always innocent? Did they ever kill anyone themselves? And not swearing an oath on the bible just is following what the bible says that we should not take oaths. Oaths imply that we are always lying but this tme we should tell the truth. But we are commanded to always tell the truth. Maybe when he said somethings incorrect he didn’t do the research fully. I say some things about history incorrectly. If I put down statement of doctrine though, I said it pretty authoritatively and I feel bad because it seems arrogant, but I also know it couldn’t be wrong. Every time someone tries to pigeon hole me by saying there is a trinity because Jesus said “I am” I would just say that’s not calling himself God. And I can use the King James Bible to prove it because “I AM” is not “I am” The Hebrew is not the Greek. What I am talking about is the bible was updated until 1769 and has correct capitalization. I read the authorized version and I use it to show they are wrong. Did I take the mark? No, I already knew that there is no trinity. It can’t be possible that some how Catholics understand God when they are really pagan, and the ancient Israelites actually spoke to God! No Catholic ever speaks to God that way. The bible can say whatever you want it to say. That’s the problem. And God’s words were written down, but to say “God says in the bible…that he is a trinity because of John 8:58” surely is blasphemy. It’s more than adding to God’s words because it is defining God’s Word as what your interpretation of what is written, and you are not even saved so your interpretation doesn’t count. Now it’s so much for a cult! So that scares me. If you know the bible is the mark of the beast. The devil wont let you buy and sell. So can I buy anything now? But if I already believed it, would I be able to buy this? Harland’s book on amazon. Too bad it’s a kindle. Wont be able to even open it. If I walked into a store and while I was at the cashier I said the bible is the mark of the beast, they would not ring my items? Prove it with a video! Maybe he did. This video is so funny. I do not find this offensive. It is more offensive for those “Christians” to call my God a trinity and say that I must have myself water baptized. We are baptized by the Holy Ghost. No I didn’t burn my bible yet. I thought we are saved by faith, not by works. So we should have the bible banned so people can’t misinterpret it anymore and fight? People are still going to fight about what they think God is telling them though even if it is banned, which it is close to be being banned. God is likely going to destroy America, do you think so? I think it is very possible the way this country is headed. Can a saved person continue in homosexuality? That is why it’s getting banned because it defames homosexuals. Which is why I think it’s odd that a book labeled as hate speech is the mark of the beast. I tell people how to get saved it’s very simple, and I don’t tell people to read a bible. But when I come in contact with “Christians” I want to tell them what the Bible says since they honor it, but they still don’t listen because to them it says something else than what God says. as I have proven. I think it could be that people who take a trinitarian creed will be executed by synagogues? has this happened yet? Noahide Laws? Or was this the past? I still have problems with the idea though. If there were no more bibles as Chase hopes for, so we could find out who wanted to be atheists, and who wanted to be real Christians, and not have all these fake Christians running around, that would be good. But how then do we know they are real christian? I would listen to what they say and they would be saying things like “oh yea, long hair on men, it’s cool. oh yea, homosexuality, go for it.” That’s what I mean. No holy ghost christian should say that. We are not under the law. But we are led to keep many of the truths, the law was written on our hearts. And did this happen when we were born? Is there free will? I go into a discussion of this on other posts. I still don’t know. I think we do not have free will and that means that since we don’t God can and will eventually save all people through Jesus Christ. It is amazing how he can save 1000 people in one day by hearing one person who has the holy ghost talk. So I am trying to verify all the facts. I was going to send him the thing about the Greek 666 but then I was stopping myself because I did not want to be making him an idol. Nevermind. The man who baptized Chase is Harland, the ghost hunter. Really infuriated me to listen to that. Trying to use unbiblical principles to justify again water baptism and if you don’t get it done by them, you must have an angel do it. This is absolutely ridiculous. Why? Because I can use the book they hate to prove them wrong! This was written by the holy ghost. 5 For John truly baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost not many days hence. They are a cult! An esoteric cult! They go around baptizing people in water, this is a pagan rite that was sanctified spiritually. What must happen is you believe, and are baptized by the Holy Ghost. It comes down from heaven into you and pierces your heart. And your are washed and you feel the blood over you. Not literally but it’s spiritually. It happened to me. Yea I always knew how to spot a cult of eastern knowledge because they always lead wit their heart, and they always say you must follow their elders, never consult God, because they are more in tune with God than you are. And you should never insult them because then you are just envious. And you should always believe everything they say, never question anything so no one ever has their own opinion. The body of Christ cannot be broken. Yes you are right and 1000s of Chinese dancing and partying and all of the believed by hearing the word of God speaking form the mouth. Does he even know what tongues is? It is speaking and the other hears in their own language. It is not speaking gibberish or going into a frenzy shaking around. That is demonic. You should watch the video Rare secret church china. This is what a true New Testament church of acts is like. I watched that and was baptized when I believed. That’s how they got saved too. I know that if I was there I would be dancing with them too. But I can’t stand people saying things like that. And now I realize I was doing the same thing though. If some elder says follow me, I know what God is saying. This is really bad and hurts.And they can have a bible or not to back it up it doesn’t matter. 15 And as I began to speak, the Holy Ghost fell on them, as on us at the beginning. 16 Then remembered I the word of the Lord, how that he said, John indeed baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost. Read this, exactly what happened. Holy Ghost comes from heaven to the believer when  he believes and baptizes them. They are not baptized in water. Ghost hunting and showing images of Jesus in pictures is the devil’s doing too. Pagan esotericism they always have elders, always have no thought allowed of newbies, always use fear and mind control always pass the torch physically and deny God. I had a reiki initation and I had a buddhist symbol implanted on me too long time ago so I know how these things work. Never argue with adults, always believe them because they get revelation from God and always they pass the torch through you. Holy Ghost lives inside you, but it comes upon believers when they believe. And people, in ACTS confirms that china video read it again 15 And as I began to speak, the Holy Ghost fell on them, as on us at the beginning. 16 Then remembered I the word of the Lord, how that he said, John indeed baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost. AND this does not mean people who had holy ghost should go around baptizing people in water. Now I know why I was led down that path by God in the past. So I can clearly see the error! There is no free will. God is moving us all around like little pawns. To this guy who did not like that message either I thanked him and said: God is the savior of all mankind. Not elders. The apostles clearly are fallible sinners like us. Jesus Christ is the only infallible sinless person. You become the temple of God, but are not God. We are all sinners still. God is not limited to only saving people through a line of people who once had the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is not limited to being in your body. It descends on people, falls onto them piercing their heart and changing them when they believe. So I did not hear the answer to that, but anyways everything else he said worked out, so I guess the bible could be the mark of the beast. Otherwise God wouldn’t be leading me to this. Which is scary. Just because I have some lines memorized does that mean that I am controlled by it or I am only memorizing these lines to help me win souls to Christ? I think that it is a mark of beast but only if you let it control you. You have to be saved and then you can read it, still my opinion. I do believe God uses the Bible though to help people even though they seem to be clearly sinning by calling the Bible the Word of God with a capital W. Like Pastor Scott Johnson who had a nervous breakdown and was shown Psalm 64 and another pastor too and he said they both had an awesome meeting. I do not believe that there are contradictions. Oh you need to believe in the heart and most people understand reading is a head thing but don’t understand how to read with the heart so they will not get saved by reading it. Would banning the bible do anything? It’s going to be banned anyways thanks to homosexual laws. But that won’t stop God so I told people don’t worry about that. God will revive a remnant of people from the country of tyranny. Another line proving that Jesus Blood washes us spiritually 5 And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood, Since what he did was eternal, that means it happened to us on the cross. We just need to receive what already was given. It’s a free gift. We do not burn bibles to prove our worthiness. We believe upon Him. Ok So John is the apostle who was strong enough to stand by Jesus the whole time of the cross while all the rest fled. And John is called St. John the Divine and the Gospel just calls him St. John. I do not know if these titles are added later. But it works because John was the only one given prophetic revelation. There are others claiming to be revelation of other apostles but they were rejected because they were not true. This one is true. And I do think because of his high status and trust by Jesus, he was given the opportunity to go to heaven when he died, so he can return and tell these people to spread this message. Ok so now it is out of the mouth of these people and it’s interesting that God should chose people of such evil nature to spread it. God wants to test people if they are willing to hear obvious heathens with a divine message. Does that make sense? Does not God make tests for his believers? I wouldn’t let it go, but I think the Bible is probably the mark of the beast. I don’t know if proclaiming it to the world is important yet if it is true like they were told. I guess it is but my time to do that if I do it will come later when God makes me do it. Right now my job is to tell people not to worry about banned bibles because we will be saved without them. Just like in Iran and China. These people do not know about that, and as far as I know I am the only one sending the videos to show the world. I love doing it because like the young people say, we want them to enjoy God’s grace. I feel good when I understand things and bad when things confuse me.  I do that too, but only to defend what I already know. I am sorry that I sound arrogant. But if you really get saved you will know better than to follow paganism like Christmas, Easter, trinity, water baptism by initiation, rapture, ritual infant foreskin removal, returning animal sacrifices in a millennial kingdom, etc. What is funny is Israel United for Christ vs GMS and they are both wrong because both of them are still under the law in their head, they took the mark of the beast then if the bible is really the mark of the beast. It’s funny to see two people fight over wearing fringes. The bible as the mark of the beast does not count as new revelation outside the bible because it fits into the context he is saying. I wrote a good job to him though for two other videos he had about praying not to do it out loud, and the antichrist being not an actual person in the future but speaking of a world system and everyone who rejects Jesus Christ. I was beginning to believe that one anyways, so I had to show him I agreed because I want him to know where he is right and where he is seriously wrong was the baptism thing is lame. He wasn’t using bible but Steve Rudd was, and overlooking the same lines I found a few weeks ago. The Bible is not the complete revelation from God. Because God gave more revelation to clarify some things in it. Like for instance, John’s revelation clarifies more about Daniel’s revelation. And today, we are getting more to clarify John’s and Daniel’s revelation. Of course it must not contradict, only expand upon what is already there. So this new revelation is that the Bible itself is the mark of the beast. I do think it may need more testing. He said you hate him because you think about it all the time. I do not hate him. I think he is right about some things, and onto something about other things, and completely wrong about certain things. There is just no way that God is requiring us to physically be baptized and initiated into the Body of Christ. And that is because the Holy Ghost baptizes and goes upon people when they believe in the heart. Like I said, I felt my heart get pierced. So how would he know the Holy Ghost came on them. They probably all started crying and wiggling around like I did. But not possessed by demons. I know the difference, that feels like rage and hair standing up on the back of the neck when demons are near. Steve Rudd was angry when I told him to take down his water baptism page, and he sent demons through the email to me! That’s their god, the trinity and the water baptism. They are pagans! He had a video of him tearing it up in a public parking lot. I got really scared becuase I know what Satan can do.

I commented again: I know that Satan can send his goons whenever you do something that pisses him off  I made orgonite before I believed in Jesus and he sent his goons. So no goons harassed you? You are not targeted or followed on the way home? no werewolves at your front door? this is very scary and I do not think tearing it up is necessary. God knows who it controls we do not need to tease satan Are Werewolves Real? MUST WATCH LIVE FOOTAGE! if you think we need to tease satan, you can rebuke me about that  but I do not go calling out the devil like that. I just show what he’s capable of like everyone else. watch him destroy bible

And I commented that people are more attached to their cell phones and computers because it is their connection to the world. I wonder what he would say to that. It certainly is more profound. People cannot be separated from the world and go back to old times. I felt actually free during Hurricane Sandy for a time because I did not have connection to the world, and families got back together and I was actually getting along better with my parents.  We are controlled by electricity. Go live like Amish but don’t read bibles. He said he didn’t want to do it at first, destroy his bible. But he did.

UPDATE 2/3/2014

ok so he sounded like a cult. And Paul never said tat you must be baptized by an apostle to join the church body. He knew that the only man you must go through to God is Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost baptizes. But they sound catholic “one church, one faith, one baptism” is the rally cry for all catholic churches! And they have double standards because they attack the bible on grounds that say “well what if the person can’t read or afford a bible? what if they are stranded at sea without a bible? What if they are really sick and dying? Is God going to not allow them to be saved?” Well I ask the same things to them because if someone is not able to be dunked under water by them then they can’t join? And then the thousands of Iranians and Chinese who get saved by dreams and by hearing. And they also are hypocrites for saying one baptism and listing two baptisms. Which one then loses? The Holy Ghost baptism since they made up something not found in scriptures like that the blood of christ went through the entire earth and purified it and made water pure. If that is the case, why do people not feel like being Christian when taking showers or going swimming? That’s ridiculous. The baptism is by the Holy Ghost. And the only man who stands between us and the Father is and always has been Jesus Christ, not the apostles! Church fathers is a catholic invention. All Christians are equal of one body and nobody is better than anyone else. Ok I am not going to talk to these guys anymore. They are acting like conmen. I like the message now the bible becomes the mark of the beast when you let it control you and of course read from it like you think you are God or it is God. But Harland in the last 2 days deleted his blog archive prior to March 2012 and I cannot find some of his older posts that I commented on. I only have a screencap showing it above. But thankfully the link showed that blog post was originally put up January 31, 2012. I wanted though to find the “IF…” post I remember reading but I couldn’t it must be before then. I never copied the link but he wrote the following and I copied it because I wanted to answer these questions for myself as I was still searching for the truth, these questions hit home so I did copy them. “If you were stranded on an island without a bible, could you find God? If you couldn’t read, could you find God? If you were blind, could you find God? If you were deaf, could you find God? If you didn’t have a bible, could you find God? If you were lost at sea, could you find God? If you were born in another country that had another religion, (i.e. buddhist, hindu, muslim, etc.), could you find God?” And so now you won’t find this on his page. And I found his double standards here: baptism in water lie

remember that video? I was hoping that it was up as a test to see if there are any real Holy Ghost people out there who could discern this. But they set themselves up like Catholics with this cult. 3 Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death? 4 Therefore we are buried with him by baptism into death: that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life. 5 For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection: 6 Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin. 7 For he that is dead is freed from sin. 8 Now if we be dead with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with him: 9 Knowing that Christ being raised from the dead dieth no more; death hath no more dominion over him. 10 For in that he died, he died unto sin once: but in that he liveth, he liveth unto God. 11 Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The word water is not even used there. This is more proof of what I have below that Jesus baptizes by putting us through what he went through, in a spiritual way. Though since the elect were chosen from the beginning, I always knew I was different and hated by the world, always seen as different, and always had deep pain. Something like this was given in sermon audio by Pastor Alfred Chompff

about how we were grafted in His image and we were with him at the cross, his death, and resurrection, but this does not mean we take water literally. 12 Buried with him in baptism, wherein also ye are risen with him through the faith of the operation of God, who hath raised him from the dead. What did John the baptist even say?

John 1:26 John answered them, saying, I baptize with water: but there standeth one among you, whom ye know not; 27 He it is, who coming after me is preferred before me, whose shoe’s latchet I am not worthy to unloose. so of course water baptism is unworthy. Men cannot baptize. Here is the moment where things should be changed.

32 And John bare record, saying, I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and it abode upon him. 33 And I knew him not: but he that sent me to baptize with water, the same said unto me, Upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and remaining on him, the same is he which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost. 34 And I saw, and bare record that this is the Son of God.

So who is this person that must be water baptized where the Spirit will descend, and the same that he that is the one who will be baptizing? Jesus is. The Son of God. Not Harland, Not Chase, Not an angel.  Because of what it says here. The Spirit of God descend like a dove, see more clarification in Matthew.

Matthew 3:14 But John forbad him, saying, I have need to be baptized of thee, and comest thou to me? 15 And Jesus answering said unto him, Suffer it to be so now: for thus it becometh us to fulfil all righteousness. Then he suffered him. 16 And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him: 17 And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

So Jesus, who is in heaven baptizes us with the Holy Ghost when we believe in Him. Thank you Lord. Read this post and this post for more. Again when I first believed sometime last summer I can’t say which date it was, I just knew already that water baptism made no sense, but I made no fuss of it because I just thought what baptists were saying it was an outward expression of faith. And then I saw some Christians like Steve Rudd starting to require it for salvation, and I was angry. But now these guys who make big deal with earthly matter. Water is earthly substance. Water is a symbol. It’s the symbol of purification but in the old testament. In now the new testament (after the crucifixion, the slam they get right is the gospels, most of them really belong under the old testament up to the point of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ) it is different. EVERYTHING that was outward is now inward. You are not baptized in water. Just because Jesus did? So are we supposed to all go out into the desert for 40 days fast and meet Satan and try not to be tempted by him? We don’t have to do every single thing that Jesus did. We listen to God and do what he says. Not what man says. So I am not going to listen to them anymore. They don’t have any more authority over me. They are not idols. They want to be worshiped, and that is wrong. 15 And as I began to speak, the Holy Ghost fell on them, as on us at the beginning. 16 Then remembered I the word of the Lord, how that he said, John indeed baptized with water; but ye shall be baptized with the Holy Ghost. “but” NOT “and” One baptism! Which is it? It’s the Holy Ghost one! No double standards. Now back to the “IF” statement. If you were stranded on an island without Chase, Harland, or knowledge of angels, could you be baptized by Jesus with the Holy Ghost? If you couldn’t read Harland’s blog, could you be baptized by Jesus with the Holy Ghost? If you were blind and could not read of course, could you be baptized by Jesus with the Holy Ghost? If you were deaf and could not hear the message of Harland and Chase, could you be baptized by Jesus with the Holy Ghost? If you didn’t have a bible, could you be baptized by Jesus with the Holy Ghost? If you were lost at sea, could you be baptized by Jesus with the Holy Ghost? This one is really good because of course you can’t find them to do it for you or even know they existed. And there is no water to do it, or else you are going to drown, think about Tom Hanks cast away, if only he believed in God and Jesus Christ on the raft, who’s going to baptize him and dunk him under? An angel? No he doesn’t know about angels because angels are not flesh and they cannot dunk someone under water and recite a prayer. So then Jesus Christ will give him the Holy Ghost, and he wouldn’t have gone so crazy. If you were born in another country that had another religion, (i.e. buddhist, hindu, muslim, etc.), could you be baptized by Jesus with the Holy Ghost?” The answer to all of those is yes. No double standards. Sorry for being mean to them, but they need to be reproved where they need to be reproved. He really has the Holy Spirit when reading from the Bible, I felt my heart pierced with it. I also felt my heart pierced when watching this video. Obviously those people do not get baptized in water, or else they would have mentioned it. But they wouldn’t know to do that. They don’t have bibles!

UPDATE 2/5/2014

God showed me bible verses, we need a balance. we need balance between the bible and not the bible. we cannot say we must use only bible and we cannot say that we must burn/tear up/ban usage of bibles. I don’t like people reading it and misinterpreting it and using it against me. to my surprise Harland is doing this too. with the water baptism.. I also know that the 1 john 5:7 is speaking of the holy ghost saying that it should tell you what Jesus and God already told you. It is not saying they are one being with three persons. the idea of trinity was completely unknown by the bible prophets. if they knew this they would have written it in the bible as spelled out as the Christendom do. they are all going to be punished for adding. it is very important not to add to it.

wow I wish these fools would take their own advice!!! it means you should not add to God’s Words. This means saying things like God said you this thing and it’s not what was said. how do you take away from the words though? that one is harder, and I guess tearing up bibles or banning them? no it can’t be. It means God told you something and you tell people that God didn’t tell you this. I mean it’s vague. It’s a dire warning and we don’t know what it means. I need to pray more about it. But since God’s Word is alive and not in a book. People should be having dreams about revelation too. And their dreams should fit upon what the Holy Ghost revealed to John. And if they are not, and they say they are from God, they are adding. But taking away from it is harder to understand. ok so God said this stuff (revelation by st john) a long time ago. If you say that it was wrong and you have better things to say…or that it was wrong and you have more to add upon it…you are fucked!!! Saying the bible is the little book being eaten…I don’t want to say that. I will repent and say that God said I should not say that, but that Chase said that. So I do not know if this is true revelation or not. Also Harland said it too. This is adding to what God revealed to John. I thought it would be possible that God gives new revelation. Actually I just thought about it. And it says in revelation that in the time of the future, someone will say what the mark of the beast is, and everyone will hear it and know not to take it. So assuming this message came already in 1611 then? The Quakers said this? Because we are talking about this. The revelation to John said that everyone would hear it.;&version=160; Since the message has always been the same though, I am doubting this message. We need to find balance. It would have been better to say the Bible was an idol and saying it is the Word of God is seriously blasphemy, even proven wrong in the Bible itself. Because these guys are searching for experience in trances leaving their bodies, they are devling in spiritual matters of the devil. Why is it that the whole world hasn’t heard them? Will the whole world eventually hear this message? The whole world should hear it. I am thinking Chase said that John came back from heaven to tell Harland the bible is the mark of the beast. But Harland said God told him this. Or Jesus said it. He did not say John said it. Everyone on earth will hear the message. If this message doesn’t reach everyone that they have worshiped the beast and his image, which I guess could be bible worshipers, then how can it be the message? Revelation 14:6 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, 7 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters. 8 And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. 9 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, 10 The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: 11 And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name. The website I linked to has it backwards. In the head means memorized. In the right hand means your action you take publicly. With an outstretched arm God led them out of Egypt. This means take action. it is right here. So the mark of the beast had to be something following a certain person right? His history lesson made sense, except for the 666. I still don’t understand that part. So for this to come true, the one that says do not worship the beast, the third angel, must be John according to Chase, and he saw himself and didn’t realize it. Because John would have gone to heaven. You do not come back and live again besides that, only an angel would be able to reach every nation. Remember that YouTube is blocked in many countries and the internet is blocked and it is also impossible, too expensive in many countries so they wouldn’t hear it. Historically speaking everyone should know what they are doing. Of course the mark of the beast is spiritual in nature. Chase said that because the most powerful men through history swore into office and base their rules they make on the rules of the bible. And of course their misinterpretation of it, for example, illegal to not wear clothes in public. This was of course a Church doctrine. Also worship is given in schools to worship the president as their leader, and king, and not God as their King. So the power the president has according to Chase came from when he swore on the Bible. You can’t be in your head reading it. So we need to ask ourselves, why are we reading it? Are we reading it because God wants us to rebuke someone? Are we reading it because God wants to show us something? Or are we reading it because we think the Bible is God speaking to us? This started today because I was wondering if the revelation that the Bible is the mark of the beast is adding to the book of revelation. Is it adding or just filling in the vague details? The only way it’s not adding is if it really is from God, then it is not adding because God’s words are not complete in a book. Revelation is obscure on purpose so that God can reveal things when time comes. And the book even says that the angels revealed things, so I guess this could be angels giving the same message to many different people all over the world at various time periods since then and not something like pastors are thinking where they speak so loud people hear everywhere. Not a giant loudspeaker, but the way angels always done it, ministering and messaging to people from God. They went to many people telling not to take the mark. So of course, the mark of the beast has always been something spiritual, like worshiping man made religion and government. So the bible being the mark, true? It definitely falls into the category of worshiping man’s way. Because man wants to confine God to a book. God has been giving revelations to people that agree with past revelation, the bible. This has been since the books were originally written. The KJB is the correct translation of the originals even though the originals are lost. This means that you can use the Bible to learn if you let a demonic spirit in or not. It says all scripture is good for reproof. This was after Jesus finished it. So of course if the scriptures were stupid and unnecessary, then the apostles would have been burning them. The problem is not the Bible, the problem is your relationship towards it. How can you take away what was already revealed by God outside of burning all King James Bibles, deleting all internet pages, and killing all of God’s chosen people who have God’s words in their heart? Since God’s words are in heaven and can never be taken away from the world, Christians keep coming back because if too many die, God will wake someone up in a dream to start another revival. So I guess would be deleting huge portions of what was already revealed by God, and anyways today people can say things were revealed by God and things were not, but why we trust these as already revealed by God is because it all agrees with each other and the people who lived in the first century who actually knew Jesus had the highest accountability than any christian of any time period. And they accepted this book over the other end times revelations. Basically all the other revelations like Peter’s Apocalypse is not from Peter. It can’t be because Peter was not getting any demonic revelations, and if he did, he would not have taken the time to write it down.

He was dead by the time this was written. So the only apostle given the ability to see visions of the rest of the Christian age was John. Nobody is held as dear to God because John was not coward and stood by Jesus at his death. This does not mean that John is God. This means that John was also gifted to go to heaven and come back to reveal things. So my original question was since that little book that was bitter was not revealed to him what it was back then, the third angel they say is John. So they say that John was saying to them this, and so the bible became the “mark” of the beast because the beast, Satan, uses the book to control people and cause people to war within the “believers” in Christ. I don’t hate these guys, I just wish they wouldn’t put themselves so highly because they have thinking they have revelation from God. And I want them to humble themselves and not use pagan nonsense like intiation of water baptisms into the body of Christ. That would be written by Paul and Paul never said there is no salvation outside the church. That’s what Catholics say.

I read that and those three verses about baptism, confession, and eucharist are all their erroneous interpretations.

1) baptism is by believing and God giving you the Holy Ghost

2) repentance means feel badly towards sin, and confession is to God, not man. But confessing to man can help with your emotions, but it cannot help with your soul. Only God saves.

3)I talked about this one already that communion is spiritual, not eating or drinking.

When Jesus said salvation is of the Jews (actually people from the Tribe of Judah) he was saying that the message was intended to start with them and branch out. Then the catholic site quotes Matthew 12:30 where Jesus refers to himself as the way. Again these lines refute themselves. Jesus is not saying that Peter is the way. If they even did quote that one, it is saying that he believed Peter to be the one that should be most accountable to the apostles . Matthew 18 where they misinterpret Jesus giving instructions for how to deal with conflicts between brethren. This is not saying there is no salvation outside the church. They only quote verse 17 which has the word “church” in it. This simply means a huge group of believers. First you have problem, if you can’t settle it with just that guy, then bring one or two with you. Then if that doesn’t work, bring the whole group, like 20-30 people maybe are in the group. This is logical because people don’t like embarrassment. Then they quote Paul from Titus and he is just saying, if someone is a heretic, reprove them only twice, a third time is unnecessary.  People who do not hear the gospel are not guilty because they did not hear it. The end of John 15 is Jesus reminding the apostles that they were chosen because they are not like the world and because they are believing in Jesus and Him who sent Jesus they will be persecuted. Jesus is not making up a hypothetical argument for what would happen if they didn’t hear him. He was saying that because he came, they have no excuse. You can’t reason then what would happen to those innocent who did never hear it. That is not what Jesus is talking about. And specifically he is talking about the  Hebrews who are not listening to him. He is not talking about future people who do not listen to Catholics or know of Catholics. Everyone knows what Catholics are unless they live in an untouched world like some tribe with no computers or radio or TV. And for these people, God’s plan to reach them, God can get them in dreams or something. This is the biggest thing they have is fear that if you know that the Catholics believe no salvation outside their church (which cults always say, and which is why I bring this up because Harland and Chase are a cult) Oops to me for not following God’s way of talking to them privately at first. I tried that before though on some false prophets, and couldn’t advance the steps to bringing witnesses with me. So of course these dynamics work under certain conditions. The Catholics defend their ideas using their own writings and not basing it on anything Jesus really said. By saying that Jesus initiated water baptism because the apostles were water baptizing, is stupid. They did it and then they realized that the Holy Ghost baptizes. Also saying that Jesus initiated the communion ceremony they do, no, they misinterpret it too. It was misinterpreted by Corinthians who were a fleshly type of people and Paul was telling them to make sure they understand the meaning behind what they are doing, not telling them to stop it because he knew that would be pointless because people will always sin! The Holy Ghost wrote through Paul and the Holy Ghost knew that Catholics would be doing it today just like they were back then. So I was thinking they would have some scripture, some real bullet point, written in the first century by the apostles that said that there was no salvation outside them explicitly, because this idea is huge. Nope. Actually the only time it is used is in reference to Jesus Christ and to God. There is no salvation outside of Christ and God. Saying there is no salvation outside the believers in Christ and God is stretching it to cult like proportions. Then the men become like Gods, the satanic lie. They become mediaries between God and man because they say God speaks to them and we do not. We all hear God speaking to us sometimes God speaks silently, sometimes he gives visions, dreams, sometimes he speaks audibly. But how do we know it’s from God and not a demon? We need to test it against something. Actually I never get things from evil entities but if I did, I would know but most people don’t know who they are dealing with. You’re supposed to make sure you make the angel admit they believe in the Son of God. Why would a demonic spirit ever bother coming to me to give me revelation when I know what it is already because I can feel the difference? When satan comes as an angel of light, does that mean what he says sounds good? So being able to know what is good in the mouth but bad in tummy. So doesn’t this symbol happen a lot in bible though? Yes it does, if something is good on surface, like it makes me feel excited, like rock music and the Qur’an, then it’s from satan. But if something makes me feel good it’s from God. But you know, I am trusting my heart after I was saved. After I know God spoke to me, and I have faith because since then God revealed to me the lies of water baptism and it was even in the book these people hold so dear! I use the Bible to refute them! Just like Holy Ghost in Paul said for Timothy to do with the scripture. In his conversations to Timothy, he even refutes more catholic nonsense like priest forbidden to marry and meats which is proof that the catholic lie was running around back then in the first century, not proof that Jesus began this lie. This post goes on and on, just like the earlier post what is God, did God write the Bible?

Yea the apostles are just human. So just because Paul wrote:

2 I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven. 3 And I knew such a man, (whether in the body, or out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;)

Does that prove that God wants us to go out of body to meet him? No. People when they had visions were in their body but in a different state of mind. You do not leave your body to meet God because you meet God inside your heart. Nowhere did Christ ever say go out of your body. He meant be born of body, and then again of spirit. Enough with the gnostic new age nonsense. Astral projection is a reality, the spirit can by will or force be disconnected from the body but this is not supposed to be allowed to happen naturally. In DMT ceremonies the people are shown demonic visions and sometimes even leave their body too. I told this all to Harland though. I am not sure why he did not vehemently oppose the devils counterfeit spiritual phenomena other than he is himself a tool of Satan. He says we go into the spirit realm and fight demons. I remember many new agers do the same thing. What makes Christians different? Were any Christians doing this? Spirit realm? What is that anyways? Which heaven is he talking about? You do not go to hell to fight demons that is for sure. He believes in ghosts like departed spirits that do not know they are dead, haunting a place. Again I had to deal with that here recently. There is/was a war in heaven between good angels and bad angels. Nowhere in the scripture does it talk about believers leaving their body to fight demons though. They cast them out all the time in Jesus name. And Jesus never left his body either. He met Satan but was in his body. Angels always interact with us while we are in our body. We do not leave our body, and what do we have as testimony for this astral projection? Paul not even sure if someone was out of body or not? If one of our most trusted Christians of the past doesn’t even know, what is that putting Harland? It’s putting him above Paul, of course! And yet Paul knew not to water baptize and that we do not burn our old scriptures or tear them up but use them to reprove the false prophets.

not many Christians know what astral projection is. I spent time learning all forms of religion before Christianity. So I know this is big in new age religion. I know about Channeling too. I know the bible warns not to consult familiar spirits. This means people should not be speaking to ghosts of their dead friends and family. This is because God knows demons are pretending to be such. Since you have God inside you, since your body is the Temple of God.

1 Corinthians 3:16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? 17 If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

You know there were no numbers on verses in the old books but it apparently ended up in such a way that 3:16 falls a lot on very important verses. I say that means the Bible was inspired to be written in this way. Yes it has become an idol but to say it was just a bunch of texts thrown together and should just be burned, what is that? If it confirms what we already know, we do not need it, but for those unsaved who can read…So why would you be leaving your body to be with God? And why leave the body to fight spirits? What fighting? That is absurd though because they cannot die. The only thing we can do is cast them out of people and places in the name of Jesus Christ. We cant strike up arms or hurt them since they are the fallen angels and they are not physical. Based on experience, these things hate love and truth so if you gave them love and truth they just go away, assuming they weren’t already possessing someone. I experienced a demon once but this was when God spoke to me in August 2009, 4 years before I knew about Jesus Christ as the Son of God and God was in a thunderstorm and was making me feel better and this demon was a little black shadow person and I told it that I loved it and it went away. I did not say that I hated it or try to attack it. We cannot win a spiritual battle against the evil by fighting it. Evil thrives on hate, fear, and war. I was not out of my body, but I had the holy spirit on strong at that time and it worked. So what do we think we should be doing? I knew of one person who goes out of body and actually rips out hearts of these reptilian demons and said they have five hearts. What? They are not bodies! They manifest in whatever form they want. They are spirits! They can also mess with your perception to make you think they are a physical entity. But they are not. This is why the greys have been seen to walk through walls. They are demons. I had a dream that I told someone this last night. Why do you think they leave every time anyone who is a Christian calls upon Jesus Christ for them to go away? I do not think this can work with a nonbeliever though. But believers may not even know they are one yet. If you do not know what Jesus Christ is because you never heard the gospel preached to you from a bible, I do understand that and people being anointed by God and just knowing the Son of God and so they are able to do it somehow, get rid of the demons. But they never leave the body to do it. And where would you go then, you are not going to go to heaven to see your deceased relatives if that is where they are. If God has put himself in our hearts then why would we ever need to leave our bodies to meet with Him? We just go inside. Not like Quakers though, because they pervert this teaching. You do not ask God to give you the Holy Spirit. You just get it when you believe. Then if you want special works with it, the Holy Spirit will intercede on your behalf when God wants you to do it. Not when you want. You can pray all you want for special powers but God will give what you need when you need it. God is in control. When you believe in the heart, you would usually be crying, because it is the truth of realization that you are a sinner. Most people don’t understand that. But all people who do have spoken of it. Many people lied though and are great actors. Trust me though that I did not lie when I preach that biblical repentance is about being on the ground crying before God. It’s not a change of mind like scholars and theologians teach. They rob you of the clear scriptural definition because they are led by satan. I talked about this on some blogs and they threw me off for being a nutcase because I quoted Psalms 6:6. A true believer will know that adults crying does not show weakness if done for the right reasons. If tearing up your bibles is the only way you can prove to yourself that you don’t need it, then tear it up. But no apostle ever taught anyone to tear up scriptures, in fact they taught that they should use them to reprove others. The ones that were put in the Bible were not randomly chosen like bible haters believe but they all agree and back up what true believers already know. We know that the Bible is not the Word of God because that doesn’t make sense since the Word of God was in the beginning. The Bible is past revelations from the Word of God. I repent of all idol worship that I got caught up in. Jesus said pray in private. And pray from the heart. God doesn’t want you to read from a piece of paper. How do you like it when someone cites an apology from a written note? It’s ingenuine. So even the cantor at Kol Nidre gets on the ground to imitate what we should be doing, but for him it’s a staged ritual where he has memorized his lines. This is what it means to have taken the mark of the beast though. Mans way is memorization. When I speak to God, it’s always from the heart and I am crying a lot. Does crying make me a loser like many people think? Oh no, if you are crying because you didn’t get your way, then you are crying for the wrong reasons. For instance a child wants to go to Toys R Us and the parents say no to them, and the child throws a fit crying, kicking and screaming. You are not supposed to hit this child, but I do not know whatever you do, you were supposed to instruct them how to behave. Crying because of the passing of others and for lost souls is a different thing than childish crying because you did not get your way. If you want to know God better, do more things in the present moment. Like children who always live in the present moment. Jesus said that we should have childlike faith. But this does not mean we are unquestioning our superiors or elders. This means the way children just trust God because they know because they can feel God. Until a child goes to school, he most likely has not been corrupted, unless his parents did. Do not harm children that believe in God. Animals also live in the present moment, no sin in them so animals could be offered for sacrifice in the old testament. And Jesus too lived in the present moment, not in his head. The past and future and interpretations of them and your beliefs do not exist. It’s all an illusion created in your mind. You need to believe in the heart. Jews were looking for someone to save them from their enemies. Like a political hero. they misinterpreted the scriptures because they do not believe in God in their heart. They believe in their mind about God and have memorized scriptures but do not understand what it means. I have a few lines memorized because I read the same few passages over and over again to combat heretics and prove to myself that my knowing is true and was also revealed to past prophets. I am not saying I am a prophet. Just a regular Christian who is real. Many times when we are too afraid to say anything because demons could make it impossible to read the bible or get words of Christ out, I had this happen when I was reading the Qur’an, the Holy Spirit will intervene and we would be given sudden power to tell the spirit to leave in the name of Christ. And it would go away. But never do we take knives or use witchcraft against them. They invented witchcraft. What if people can’t speak, well it doesn’t matter though, demons know if you really believe or not and can read your mind and will leave if you believed. I once had a nightmare too and said Jesus in it and woke up. I dabbled in occult Michael teachings in 2010 and 2011 and I repent of that too especially since I think about how the demon got things right about me by just looking at my face. I think demons may have always been attacking me but I became aware of them after I had reiki, another demonic thing done to me which allowed me to sense their presence on or in people but I still think anyone can feel it if the person has really bad vibes or if the demon actually shows you a scary image of its face. Being a christian is not about demon hunting and putting them in chains, if it was they would be gone by now. The Christians know how to get them to leave us alone but not bind them. There are probably false spiritual powers given by higher ranking demons that can appear to some witches like L00han that he is binding the demons up. Demons can make you hallucinate and certainly move dowsing rods. L00han was the end of my orgonite adventure and said that the gnostics were right about God and Jesus and the creator of this world. And he also said that Bill Schnoebelen was a werewolf, and that made me want to hear more about Bill and then that led me to wanting to know Jesus. It doesn’t matter that you know this now, because you can’t use it against me because demons know this already too. A lot of times when God talks to us there is a vortex involved and I felt a vortex in my belly when God was telling me to be calm and that it was ok. I am sure demons can create vortices too. But it wasn’t a demon or maybe it was, because I woke out of what seemed to be a nightmare where my belly was spinning and i was wearing black cloak, which now I think could be sackcloth and taking it off. And then looking in mirror and waking up and then seeing that little demon shadow person. Also there was lightning. So thunderstorm happened that time too and God decided to give me that dream possibly. Demons can hear your thoughts. They have no ears so why would speaking aloud be better? There seems to be more authority when you rebuke them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ aloud. But if you can’t you can do it in your head. They can read thoughts because they travel by thoughts and thoughts are energy. And they communicate to each other telepathically. When has anyone seen a grey alien talk? They always seem to be speaking telepathically. And I know to speak telepathically to the baby and the dog and I spoke telepathically to the little grey shadow which was a demon in its childlike state. The holy spirit came on this guy when he was apparently slacking or not even christian and rebuked the demon. He didn’t astral travel to fight the demon. You do not fight demons.

Astral travel is evil. Do not do it. Do not mess around with demons.

Do not seek out spiritual experiences. God gives us what we need when we have it that is why it was so few times that spiritual things happened to me. But I watch that video and do realize the guy was telling the truth. The demons do seek to destroy and unless I prayed for protection by the Blood of Jesus I always feel attacked by someone or something. What? Godlike productions christian is wrong. Matthew 24:31 is talking about the resurrection of the believers at the Lord’s return and second coming. This is not angels taking you out of your body for astral voyage. And Luke 16:22 is a parable, not a literal story, but symbolic. We can ask for the blood of the lamb, but we cannot ask for the holy ghost at first because it happens by believing in the heart. Be like a child and believe in the heart. I guess you can argue that since Jesus was under the law he had to quote scripture to debunk the devil. However it said he was led into the desert by the Spirit. I believe Jesus got the Holy Spirit though in Matthew chapter 3 and this was chronological order, so afterwards the Holy Spirit is leading him into the desert. Oh the demons really did not like that I rebuked that one by Chase where he said demon was in his face pissed off that he couldn’t hear his prayers. But that is stupid because demons have no ears so of course they don’t need them to hear. So why would you not want to pray out loud? What he said though about other people knowing your troubles made me wonder if I should be blogging though about them. I do not blog about everything though. Especially I do not anymore tell any young believers what my troubles are. That is smart though because they will think about it and I always knew that telling certain worriers my problems puts worry energy surrounding it and then maybe prevents you from overcoming it.Sounds like new age type stuff, like law of attraction though. But of course why wouldn’t demons hear your thoughts? They have some powers that God has. They cannot hear all your thoughts you ever thought but only if they focused on you. God though knows all thoughts you thought and will think. That’s different. Demons cannot know what you are going to think in the future. I do not know what else Chase and Harland are teaching that is wrong because I am not watching anymore of their videos.

Yes so Harland does want you to go into the spirit realm to fight demons I reread the comment. Avoid him. He is lost. But I do see the Bible being an idol by people. Otherwise he would have said NO, do not leave your body.  We do not leave our body ever. The body was meant to hold the spirit being born of spirit does not mean leave your body.

UPDATE 2/8/2014

Here is a picture that David Weiser chase jester illuminati puppet

exposed Chase Jester recently for being a sell out to the illuminati. I saw some guy who exposed Alex Jones as a puppet doing the same thing in one of his videos and leaving that up. We children of God are not to imitate the way of the heathen in our means to expose them. This is written in the bible I am sure but I don’t care to find the verse, it’s there somewhere. I already know that you do not do it this way. You do it through love and explaining the evils. You do not mock the unsaved, and I will not listen to his videos anymore (Chase) because he made a really hurtful video and seems to enjoy mocking the bible worshipers. He even had you go in the mirror and repeat over and over that you were the antichrist. And he spit on the camera and said that you spit in Jesus face. Saying the ten commandments are in courtrooms make sense, but he seems to want to say we don’t have to follow any laws. But the law is written on our heart. What laws were written on our heart? The ones that were once on stone/paper. We don’t need the paper because the Holy Ghost will convict us when we sin and make us repent. We are his children now! So why doesn’t it convict him for his blaspheming Jesus by removing him as the Head of the church and saying that he Chester is in between? I feel sorry for those who never knew God, but he doesn’t feel sorry anymore. He just mocks them. Maybe in the beginning he felt sorry, but pity never turns to hate. But I felt really hated by watching Chase’s video saying the Jewish antichrist is you. I knew water baptism was not part of this dispensation before I read the book of Acts in late August. Now I have the verse that proves me right but I guess they wont believe it. So it doesn’t matter. If they had the  holy spirit they wouldn’t demand such a thing! Jesus did not fulfill every prophecy. What about the second coming? if you don’t know what should happen before it, will you buy into it?

Chase makes money online selling cartoon T-shirts. He should doing it for free. And Harland has his kindle book. Should be for free. Same money system with the system they hate so much. I give seeds away for free. I don’t sell information. Why don’t they go to Rome and call the Pope a hypocrite? Both of these guys are buying and selling. I started believing the bible could be the mark of the beast and bought stuff today. Eastern meditation video of Chase getting into the holy spirit. What the heck? All the visions and dreams he speaks of for the New Testament happened to people because God gave them to them, they didn’t do anything. The spirit just did it for them. You don’t ask God for visions, it doesn’t work, where did anyone do that in the Bible? God gives you visions when you need them. Some people may never get any. All you need to do to pray is humble yourself, confess your sins, and listen to what God tells you. Besides that, Chase talks about feeling rotten but he’s not willing to cry. I have never seen him cry in a video granted I never watched all his videos. But the ones I did see, he never cries. What’s wrong with him? King David was always crying. What is a good prayer? Pray for the Fear of God or pray for God to show you what you need. Of course. I was in a dream like state or heavily emotional every time God spoke to me. Half awake half asleep. But I am not saying that God cannot speak to you during the middle of the day wide awake. You don’t leave your body. Paul speaks of someone who was out of body but that doesn’t mean people leave their body. What sort of fighting demons do you do? They can’t die until God makes them die. Fighting them? Love does not fight. I feel bad for even wrestling with them about this because every time I fight, I sin. Chase also said he repents of his life and his child. He views having lust for his wife and making his child sinful because he will end up being bullied. Yea I don’t know how his family feels about that one. Having a child in end times, accident? Being a christian, you can die anytime, so if we do not have children, then we would die out unless God woke up new people. To me that is not the worst thing he said, but you probably won’t like it. I did not watch the video. I don’t know if it was eastern meditation. The other people said it as. And he did not say it wasn’t but said they took that part out of the bible. And I say PROVE IT. I don’t worship it. But I do not believe anyone has ever been able to prove that there were errors in the bible. If it is the mark of the beast, satan was very sneaky getting people to read what they know is true rather than pray to God and believe that God will speak to his children.  I did this already though, who would gain by altering the texts? The Catholics who kept it locked away. And yet none of the bibles prove them right. It is so funny though, when I talk to false prophets they expose themselves by what they say. What about me? I am not such a sweetheart, so just because I am obnoxious doesn’t mean that. I am exposing them for their denying of Jesus and putting themselves on Christ’ level by saying we must be baptized into the church by them with water, and also their silly astral projection war games with demons. Oh yea, and Chase did not understand what the big deal with men having long hair is. I told him it was about the intent, why did he want long hair? Age does not matter we are all sinners and I knew he and Harland are older than me, so I showed respect when I first talked to them, like I am supposed to. Contacting them in private before hand was better though but I did not do that. They exposed themselves in public anyways. I did not have to do anything that much though, throw a little new age wickedness in there. God gave a vision to people but they were not looking for visions. Visions will just happen when God wants to show you something. “Ask and it will be given” Well I say you should read the context and the context is not about if you are going to get visions and be exalted by men for them. I saw he originally didn’t want to tell his vision for that reason but then he succumbed to the lust for it. Because he can have revelations from God and many people don’t that puts him in an elite group called the Body of Christ. No, God’s men are humble. We are wicked sinners, if it wasn’t for what Christ did, we’d be going to hell. We are called saints but I certainly don’t feel like one. The way he talks though makes him sound like he is one. I wish he would say that he is a sinner. He never said it in the videos I watched. I would be saying it over and over if I made videos because I say it here. If Harland and Chase still are buying and selling, they took the mark too! Everyone did then! Unless it cant be the mark. He said go to a store and tear it up. I thought about that and why doesn’t he do that? Chase drove to a parking lot somewhere and tore it up. He tore it up in his back yard. Why doesn’t he go to the courtroom and tear it up? He knows that he will go to jail for disorderly conduct or disrupting the peace or maybe for religious hate crimes. Harland should post a video of him tearing up a bible at church and see what happens. He has all these things and says we have to give them up. He wants you to leave everyone behind because they are all sinners and so he is not one. He wants you to come follow him and his Jesus. That’s not what taking the cross means. And you do not leave your family or your wife if they don’t believe. You only leave your family if they refuse to allow you to believe. And you do not give up fellowship with sinners. How else do they learn the gospel if you ignore them? You are sinner too, so basically we cannot have fellowship with ourselves. Right I was feeling like crap but even worse since I knew this guy. That is how cults work, they want you to give up everything you have and go like a wild man follow them until they all commit mass suicide. Harland wants to form a cult it’s so obvious, and he did fight back against David, but all he could do to me is tell me I didn’t have the Holy Ghost. Enough repeating stuff I never said I did not believe your message. But he doesn’t understand what it’s about. The following video is really good, but until the end, David loses his cool and starts using vile threats and insults.

Do they actually believe that the gospels are the new testament? Just because the bible separates them that way, true believers would understand that the new testament really happens at the cross and resurrection of Christ. That is when things changed. The only reason for the separation there is because they separated the books they already had with the new books. Really, it’s a shame that Jews won’t look at it, they need to see these books to see that all these things were fulfilled. They still are waiting for the messiah because their religious leaders do not want them to be saved. So quoting the same dribble is usually what Harland always resorts to. The more you hear a lie doesn’t make it true, but in this case it’s obvious and it’s not a lie. The new testament gospel good news, that Jesus is the Messiah and he’s fulfilling the Hebrew prophecies. Psalm 91 is good for fighting evil. Why people like Harland never pray to God or actually praise Him in videos. Why they just rant and don’t enjoy this. They gave me no answer to the thousands of Christians in China who got saved by hearing the word of God without bibles! This would prove their point? No! They are trying to form a cult that follows them into the astral realm and leads to your destruction. They do not want you having any sound doctrine even though AFTER the holy spirit has come, Paul under power of the Holy Spirit said that scripture should be used against false prophets. They are going to get better and better and I already proved it against them! They attack the KJB and say it was changed, but they have no proof of that. The proof would be there because everyone’s proof has been debunked already. What about this motto he always gives, and he never gives more proof than shady emotions. Also Chase did not give proof either but led you a little through the verses of Revelation 13 and then the proof was not there. If it was because I watched the wrong video, then if it’s so important which it would be if it was truly from God, instead of giving all the links to the websites they just say, we can’t know God because God didn’t reveal it to us. Why does God tell some to read the Bible and others to rip it up? God is mysterious. We can’t say. Different people need hard love and some need soft love! Who knows but God. God is merciful, not a tyrant exclusionist. They believe in eternal hell and Jester really enjoyed making us imagine we were in hell and I actually felt like I was by watching it. So much for being someone who actually spends hours basking in it, because the astral realm, that is what hell is, it’s real! But do we go there? Or are people who live this life who don’t know God just going there because they don’t know any better or are actually seeking it like him? God doesn’t want people to go to hell so he’s doing the same baptist and catholic lie by misrepresenting Revelation 14 where it said the angels were watching those being burned and tormented. Speaking about how Jesus died for all of us. Is there really free will? And will God send 99% all the people who ever lived to hell to burn forever? This seems to be what they think. It’s the same catholic lie, because it just never at well with me. God’s ways are better. If you do not believe in Jesus, you can get some punishment but it’s not forever. The prodigal son, he comes back and is welcomed you know. If you met Jesus, you would be crying unless something was wrong with you, every time you remembered it. And so I see people who say they did cry and I don’t know if they are for real because I know really good actors can cry at command. And Mark Henry is good at this putting on an act, and so is Leonardo DiCaprio. So I know only when it’s a bad actor. However if someone is preaching something that is against what Jesus or the holy spirit taught int he past, they are wrong. I was watching Peter Gabriel Curtains song by Myst IV a game I played almost 2 years ago. The dream sequence is just like this stuff. Astral projection. The game talks about a guide and shows spirits moving out, this picture is not exactly correct though, the cord goes from your belly. The movie Donnie Darko shows it too. And the game said “all seeing eyes” which is overt code attributing this whole spirit travel to demonic agenda. These people must be stopped, or else the whole world will be doing this evil garbage, and maybe they will. If they get their way everyone could meet their version of Jesus who tells them whatever they want to hear and makes them feel exculsiounist elite. These people hate scripture because it rebukes them. We are not under the law, but the law is on our hearts, this means we don’t have to worry about breaking it and dying, we will be convicted and we can’t lose salvation. These people teach you are not really saved until you die though, I think. They don’t practice what they preach saying that if you want you can tear your bible up in public, and see how much buying and selling you are doing, something they won’t do, but they always tear them up in private. Did God reveal the truth to these new age occultists? Possibly.Harland Hoy and his new age lie I don’t think they understand that Paul didn’t believe that God was going to wake people up spontaneously in dreams, but this is magical thing that is happening but usually faith comes from hearing the word of God preached by people who believe so then they would believe too. Yes that is how it happened in China. The dream thing was Iran. No preacher is allowed in Iran. And this in Romans 10, after it speaks about how to be saved. Then in Romans 11, he quotes from the Old testament, yes we are not under the law, but this is proof that Holy Ghost did did tell him to burn his scriptures and just ignore it all. The mark of every cult is to get you far away from an authority outside of God, but put the authority on them. Like I said before, they want to be idols. Or they would have never made that video to tell you to come to them for baptism. Why does Paul have no aversion to the old texts? He is writing with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit and the Father and the Son agree as one. This means the Holy Spirit would never cause you to ignore what the Father or Son has said in the past, even though they are history, you can learn from it, but not if you tear up your bible and just follow fantasy land chasing dreams and visions because then demons would love to fill your mind with many amazing apocalyptic scenarios where you are a huge leader, like vision of Chase on top of a broken Washington Monument with millions of people and him saying that the bible was their god. Really? That vision makes him such a celebrity he would love that. Don’t we all, would God though give us any visions that let us slip into pride?

Ephesians 6:16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. 17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God: 18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

of course the word of god cannot be the texts. or he would have said scripture here. it is alive. people don’t always have text but they have the holy ghost. the holy ghost speaks the words of God. you are not God though. these people have god complex god promised to preserve the words of god forever. so are they in a book or for people who can’t read in the hearts? I think they are in the book, but they are also in the hearts, the promise is for the hearts because this cannot be destroyed. the books can be. but these people say that things like astral projection were removed and I say why would they remove that when they could have removed things like don’t use vain repetitions of prayer, and don’t call anyone on Earth your Father. They being the Catholics. They are the ones that chase believes threw the bible books together. They think Catholics added the way they cast out demons and took out the way real holy spirit people do it in Acts 16?

Acts 16:16 ¶ And it came to pass, as we went to prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying: 17 The same followed Paul and us, and cried, saying, These men are the servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation. 18 And this did she many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour.

So then why should we believe that we need to go to the astral realm, spirit realm, hell, to fight demons? Hell is for unbelievers and demons, not for believers. We are to help bring the lost to God in this world, not leave our bodies and avoid bringing people to God. God doesn’t live in the astral spirit world. God lives in us and also outside this whole universe He created.

UPDATE 2/11/2014

You do not instigate astral projection. God may do it to you, very rarely though, to show you something, but you certainly do not instigate it by practicing astral projection. God did it to John and to Paul. You do not go into some meditative state looking for visions to be given to you, how would you know that demons are not giving you them? Demons love it when you seek spiritual encounters. God will give you visions if you need them. So you just ask God to give you what you need. You don’t ask for spiritual encounters. Demons have counterfeit love vibrations to give you and counterfeit visions. Harland has an amazon kindle up for his website as a kindle. That is odd though. Why is he selling this ebook? I thought it would only need to be sold if it was a pamphlet because asking him to print it out costs money as ink and paper costs money. But it’s just a kindle. I just realized it was only a dollar. I thought it was ten dollars before, but now it’s only a dollar. Russ Dizdar said the second heaven was the astral. But that is wrong. The second heaven is outer space. First heaven is our atmosphere. Third heaven is where angels live. The astral realm is hell, the unseen. This is where the demons live. It’s nothing but pure terror. Paul got sucked up into the third heaven to meet God (2 Corinthians 12:2-3). John was also pulled into the spirit for his revelation in the book of revelation. Notice the difference. God can pull you out, but that is on God’s discretion, not yours. All these new agers AND Harland are doing it on their own discretion or using demonic help. All their supposed revelations must not contradict the past. If the foundations (the scripture) be destroyed, what can the righteous do? And these guys want to destroy them. So Russ knows the difference between God initiated and people/demon initiated astral travel. However God would never put you in the astral. All instances are people being caught up and going to the third heaven.

UPDATE 2/13/2014

So I think the Bible is a good tool to be used, and contains the words of God but is not the Word of God. I also think it is stupid to rip it up. They were only doing that to prove a point. You can’t literally rip it up and face jail time except in certain places in the world where the church has much power (Poland) and even then it’s not that much jail time. The bible is not worshiped to the degree it was when it was first authorized. So persecution has died down. Harland and Chase both are buying and selling, even information regarding their work. Instead of selling pamphlets it is a kindle. Well I was going to tell them if they really want to piss of the dark satanic world they would make orgonite.  I wonder also if there are prayers to say, probably not really, other than casting demons out in Jesus name, would piss them off, but orgonite seems to always piss them off even if the person is not a christian. Every time you make orgonite, be prepared for the satanic goons and reptilian shape shifters to come after you. It would be better if you already knew Jesus because they can kill you.  Jesus can make them go away but praying in the name of Jesus outside a known satanic coven in a group, like a Christmas carol group, except not for Christmas, for exorcism purposes, outside doing that, the only way you are going to piss them off is if you make orgonite. Hell exists, the astral exists as an ether and blankets this world and the demons see everything you are doing and if you are doing orgonite they can tell their human people and I’ve always had run ins when making it. Read this for more. Another mark of the beast passage in Revelation, Russ Dizdar literally thinks 8,9,10 or 12, he skipped 11 years from now, there will be super soldiers in battle with Jesus Revelation 19:19-21 but is this really what is happening? Or is God giving a vision to John and visions are always symbolic? He’s taking revelation literally when he shouldn’t. Basically what I think is happening is God is showing the intent of the world leaders and their military is against the human nature and we see this NOW. We don’t have to wait to see it. Right now there are militaries and riot police attacking innocent people and disrupting peace all over the world. Raiding homes and separating families. This has been going on for a long time though. Think about this. They are slain with a sword coming out of Jesus mouth. That doesn’t make sense. How can the Word of God slay the beast and his armies? Well when we witness to them with the spirit of God in the end while we are being murdered, they will hear the spirit of God speak through us and they will feel guilt and be tormented forever until they die in the final destruction of the earth. Those parts can be taken literally. We enter God’s Kingdom by believing in our heart and trusting Jesus. We do not leave our body on soul travels to meet God.

UPDATE 2/16/2014

God is not confined to language. In fact, God has no vocal chords. God will use language to speak to us because we use language. And god shows us in ways we will understand if we come to him. God will show us a lot even if we don’t but if we come to him and obey him God will make us strong and able to defeat evil in our lives, if we do not, then we will be destroyed in this life by our enemies and demons. So we must pray. Not for salvation which is what God gives us, but for the protection. Because God separated the languages of men in the past. We are making language an idol. God saves people and people do not get saved primarily by hearing someone read the Bible though they may. This is why I do understand the Bible can be either dangerous or good for us. God will show people verses to make them understand. Confining God is a horrible thing people love to do. Hall Worthington is guilty of defining God beyond what was already defined by the ancients. This is why when Moses said God was the I AM we should believe that, but not believe that God is a white man in the sky. Those images hurt and anyone who draws images of God or Jesus, even saying that the image of light coming down from the sky is God is idolatry. God is not the light in the sky. God created that. Light we see came after the source of it. God created light before the sun! And neither is God. God split the languages up though so we couldn’t unite against him. God can do what he wants. We are all guilty of trying to define God though. All are sinners. If we need to stop sinning to go to heaven, we won’t see heaven. God gives us heaven as a free gift. I really don’t like people who say the Bible is the final authority and then they make up their own interpretation of it. Like for instance the trinitarians, or on the other side of the fence, unitarians who call Jesus the Father and unitarians who say Jesus was only a man. They are all wrong. I try my best NOT to take creeds outside of the Bible. I believe the Bible has God’s words and it was the HOLY SPIRIT who wrote the bible that is the final authority. And the holy spirit inside me verifies, and is in accord with the Bible. These people are hypocrites who seek to add to God’s words and how can they claim they have the Holy Spirit? Most of Christianity argues over what it says and cannot agree. Why is there arguing? If you hate your brother you have a chain of satan on your head. I have been blinded too but lately have been repeatedly calling out Jesus name every time I feel a negative thought or pressure on my face. I think this is the war we must always be doing. Not against each other. We need to be in one accord.

1 John 5:7 means the Holy Spirit will not tell you something the Son or Father did not already tell you. It’s like Jesus saying in John 10:30 that he is one with the Father. He demands that believers be in one accord too and if we are not in one accord with each other, how can we be in one accord with God? So of course thid does not mean obey the astral projectors and water baptism lovers who don’t realize they are putting us in the wrong dispensation.

John the Baptist said in Matthew 3:11 I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire: and also

Mark 1:8 I indeed have baptized you with water: but he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost.

So of course, I never read those chapters before and I just found them recently. More proof of the obvious, even more so than before if you didn’t believe me. Notice how he said that God sent him to do water, and water is weak and is for now, but later, Jesus will do it with the Holy Ghost. How can you put people back into this dispensation wen people were under the law, under outward works. Everything was moved inside. Heaven occurs inside the believers once they realize the Grace of God. They do not need to work at it which is heresy against God in my opinion. Only my opinion though here because God never said that Quakers are heretical to me. But if I said that He did, would you believe me if you were a Quaker? No, of course you wouldn’t Again, people are arguing when they shouldn’t be. The demons got us all if we argue. Thanks Sheryl Crow for “Out of our Heads” song. Amazing Grace song was inspired. That is why it has so much power. So it’s just as inspired as anything else in the Bible. Saying the Bible is the sole words of God is stupid. Whenever some believer sings that song, God’s spirit will come upon them. I felt God’s spirit pierce me when listening to a King James Bible believer though, read from it. However other people who read from it, who do not believe they are reading God’s words. I mean there is a difference between Word of God and words of God. The difference is because God is very particular. I said I used the 1769. No I did not. I use the 1900 Pure Cambridge Edition and it says it was made in Australia. Believing it is inspired and pulling things together. I mean it doesn’t contain everything. Genesis 6:4 doesn’t talk about “alien” abductions.

Ephesians 6:12 does not mention demons but of course that is what it’s talking about. 7. “Spirit” not “spirit” in Matthew 4:1

And of course if it would have said Holy Spirit, we would know that was what it was talking about. If a bible says “spirit” lowercase it is wrong. In the Bible we know that spirit lowercase is always referring to something evil or our own spirit, never the Spirit of God. Again the meticulousness is great for this because we believers, this Bible was for us, not to control us but to be used as a tool. Our final authority is the Holy Spirit of God which is the same as it was 2000 years ago so it is not going to contradict the Holy Spirit of God which wrote these. God speaks with words because we understand words but God can speak with dreams, visions, other ways. I don’t want to say “the bible says” But I do say, that Paul with the Holy Ghost said “All scripture [is] given by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:” And yes he did say that and Peter confirmed Paul’s epistles. He didn’t say which ones, he said just the epistles. So if he would have said which ones then we could chose which ones. They are good for correction. So this is because it is outside ourselves though. We cannot have private interpretations. The words of God speak for itself. Does it say, interpret it what it should say and use sermons to mix match verses and give your interpretation? No it says the actual scripture. And David wrote that the words would be preserved forever. So I am wondering what the point of the Hebrew scriptures were. I am thinking according to Chase, the scripture was originally used to show the prophecies have come true, and then it was now used to be the mark of the beast itself. The thing is, they don’t care though about what God said in the past. God revealed to us what sin was all about and which things were sin, and sin separates us from God. For people who are saved, God reveals to them the sins. Because people believe this is the Word of God, shouldn’t they believe us when we correctly pull verses together to show them the truth? I found Worthington wrong though, I thought he was possibly not a sinner but he was denying these words were of God because of his lack of understanding. I believe that we have Gods words persevered in text but I don’t know what to say about it. I think the words were only for believers like me to use it to prove to the bible worshipers and people under the law to prove to them that they are not. Because they do not believe God lives inside them these bible worshipers look at the bible as their God. And therefore the words were always for that. But at the same time, they were for comfort. God knows that we would read promises like wiping away our tears and we would feel better. God is not going to kill our enemies. God was talking like a protective Father would, by promising to destroy them, because when we are angry, we want our Father to tell us that he will destroy them. What does that mean though? Doesn’t that just mean he will expose their evils? And hasn’t he done this? This is the first generation that the expose of the satanic ritual abuse became public. Before that, for a very long time, it was secret. God exposed all evil. And everyone’s fault, everyone is exposing it. All sin has been exposed. Nothing is left unhidden. God does not like hidden. There is no secret elite club of believers who can have certain relationship with God where he is doing A,B, and C and if it doesn’t happen to others, it is not. However, if a Christian claims that there are no satan or demons, but believes in Jesus, how can he be one? That is simply what Chris LaSala was saying where this fake bornagain771 person said he wasn’t right in saying that people who are not fighting demons cant be Christians. I mean we do fight demons. We cast them out though, we do not astral project. LaSala said something about not being able to call yourself a christian if demons don’t attack you. Demons attack everyone. But if you are not actively engaging them, how can you call yourself one. It wasn’t about how to get saved, it was the fruits. It’s like you were saved and given power to trample over the demons, with God’s authority. But you don’t use it? This is fine because it is war, but it is not a blood war. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood but principalities and powers in high places. This is what we fight. Demons who control the world. And I spoke to some “Christians” and they told me that I was full of crap when I said that the demons run the world possessing our leaders and celebrities. So you see LaSala, who I am not sure other things, is great in exposing the astral realm and demons. That’s his calling though and what he said in that video above is true. Saying that the “all scripture” line was just for Timothy does not make sense because Paul was obviously speaking generally or the early church would not have ever thought it was inspired. Eusebius did not decide which books for Constantine to go in the Bible. He did not even want 2 Peter in there. And 2 Peter confirmed Paul’s epistles. So of course not. It was already circulating when Paul was alive on earth. And so a lot of what he wrote with the Holy Spirit that was referring to actual groups of people at the time don’t apply only to that certain group because Paul writes pretty much the same spiel in every epistle. So why would it be different? And this was the new testament. I do not believe it makes a difference to believers though. So of course the bible is for us not them. The scripture is something they don’t understand. It’s for us to show them where they are wrong. So of course we need the right thing. They believe this is the Word of God and yet they add to it their own private or public because many people do the same thing, interpretations. See actually now I think the Bible, King James Bible, since we can prove it is scientifically accurate and preserved to people who are extremely logical but willing to look at the facts because they are obsessive over facts, they will see the evidence and believe based on the words written down. They live in their head already, so they will be hard to bring into their heart by just giving a heartfelt message to them. The atheist here I read wanted more than “I just know God exists”. They wanted proof. And they studied it finally and they then believed. I was this way too. If we didn’t have the words written down and preserved since the original autographs were lost, then we wouldn’t be able to do this for this type of people. So of course for those people who need facts and words to tell them what to do, at first, they will need the bible as a crutch, and then they can learn to pray and trust the Holy Spirit more. This is what happened to me. I started praying months after I started believing in my head about God. But my heart was pierced series of times after that. Still I think I was saved already at least in 2009, but because God saves who he does, we do not save ourselves, then God did not wait until 2009 to save me because saying God waited is like saying God is bound by time.

You know Jesus armed himself with scripture against Satan, and he had the Holy Spirit at that time. What do we do? How do we test the spirit if it’s from God? Satan and the fallen angels can transform themselves into anything, including light beings and speak spiritual things and act all spiritual. They can say Jesus was the Son of God but not really believe in their heart what it means. A logical well sounding spiritual person like modern day new agers are led by deceiving spirits called Ascended Masters and even one I messaged about Harland the other day was posting a whole channeled message supposedly from Jesus. How do we know it was really channeled? I am just going to say it is because it is odd and looks exactly the same. Just because an ascended master claims to be Jesus and calls himself the Son of God and says all spiritual things does not mean he is Jesus. This is why we must have the scripture though too, because it verifies what we already know unconsciously and need to bring this to conscious understanding. So unconsciously I always knew that competition was wrong. Most people think there is nothing wrong with it. But competition is a sin. When I was five years old I knew this in camp they had color war and I hated how all the children would put on a spirit of hate and cheer and jeer each other based on what team they were on all in the name of “fun”. For me, I hate it. I do not boo anyone and it seems like whenever I am at a sporting event I am among aliens. Some new agers think they are star seeds because they have this love and don’t see it expressed in others. I say everyone is born innocent, not a sinner, but some children are gifted by God very early and others never gifted. These are the chosen and anointed ones who are going to be raised up to spread the Gospel in life. And of course God can also wait until someone is in their 20s or 30s to completely reverse their heart over night like he did with LaSala [update later see post on my conversation with LaSala for proof that he's not as enlightened as his video and website claim to be, even if he was just having a bad day recently, he claims to be entirely free of sin, which the only other man who never sinned I can think of is Jesus Christ!].

UPDATE 3/18/2014

So now I do not believe the King James Bible is the Word of God and I do not believe that it’s the only scripture. To say that God only wrote through people until the bible was complete was stupid. I realized that I end up quoting things without realizing it because I did not read certain lines, and this is because the Holy Ghost was working through me. If we have the Holy Ghost, and we write something, it is something written by the Holy Ghost, and written by God, and then it can be called scripture. But who can tell? Only true believers. I still don’t like reading other translations because I do not believe they were inspired when translating them.  And I am wondering if every single word in the King James Bible is scripture. I was thinking it’s not a problem for me because I have the holy Ghost and I know what it means. And since scripture was always only intended to be used by believers and nobody else anyways, they would not have a problem. So if things don’t make sense what does it matter then for the nonbelievers won’t believe in God if they read about him in the book anyways. We must be called by God to be saved by him. There is no free will of man to chose God. You can’t ask for God to baptize you like Chase was saying ask an angel to do it if we can’t find him. God baptizes us when it’s our time. Does this mean we must just forget about what Jesus did? No, but we will be slaves to sin until Jesus transforms us into his image. And that has no process that can be explained by men even though men like George Fox tried to explain it. God’s ways are higher and every person has a different story so everyone’s being saved differently by Jesus Christ’s blood at different times in their life or afterlife. We do not have the right to control God by saying there is some formula that God works to save people either.

UPDATE 4/6/2014

I was never able to put that down what he said earlier. He’s right, that the Bible 66 books is a total scam. The words in the Bible are not, but the Bible is a scam. Why? Because it splits them up into several books, and puts them in a logical order, but some of the books are placed out of order. The most obvious thing that seems fishy is the order of epistles. I just found today that Peter wrote his second epistle to respond to people who were not understanding John’s Revelation. So the order is seemingly a scam. Really I have been a christian for months now, and It would not matter if they were in this logical order of gospels first, then epistles, then revelation. But for a believer, they have to find out to read things out of order. Scripture was always for believers only. But satan likes to con the world into thinking they are rightly dividing the word of truth by splitting the bible up into Old and New Testaments. Of course this is a false con, no believer falls for it, but it just messes with my head still, the same way that stores offer prices at 9.99 which is really just like 10 dollars but because it is a 9, the mind thinks that it must be less money. It’s really not much less. Only a penny less. So this same thing is being played. The term rightly divide the word of truth is understanding in many ways, how the law plays out, how it is now moved inward, but this really happened at the moment of Jesus death or resurrection. I don’t know the exact moment. Maybe it happened when the Holy Ghost came at Pentecost. But many epistles, maybe not all, seem like they maybe were written during the book of Acts. Really, the biggest scam is to think that Satan can trick the world into thinking Revelation is something that is the future, when the 2nd coming of Christ happened in the lifetime of believers back then… So by putting it at the very end,logically it makes sense, but it still plays games with your head. What about the book of Romans? It comes before Corinthians 1 and 2. What is the reasoning for that? I haven’t found anything about it. And as for the old testament, the order, it has the first 5 books of Moses first, and then it’s got other Judges and Kings books and then it’s got writings and prophets books. So I don’t know what the thing is with the order of the books. I think back them they had just many scrolls they were reading, not one bound book. So the idea of putting all the scrolls into one bound book is easy for marketing purposes, but it sort of plays with your head in thinking you have the Word of God in your hand. I realized the Word of God is not the Bible and even says so in there! Please go read my post debunking a baptist pastor Matt Slick. I still sometimes have trouble finding the verse I am looking for because I don’t know where it was, maybe it’s the fact I am scrolling the page down too far and the epistle is small so I pass over it. I could imagine people who have read the bible over and over again know all the books in order, but I still don’t know the order by memory. I still haven’t read every single line. God shows me what I nee when I need it. If I read the whole thing at once, it would be overwhelming and I wouldn’t be ready to internalize and ingest it. That’s why you don’t read the scriptures front to back. You just don’t do it. You don’t read it that way because that is not rightly dividing the word of truth. You are supposed to read this and that from all over the place, so that is why it’s a play on your mind and psyche to think it is a book that can be read like any other book. And because you search the scriptures to see if this was so, and rightly divide the words of truth, you of course are not referring to the Word of God. How can you do that to the Word of God, which is eternal?

Another site that claims to speak for God and doesn’t even know what they are talking about and claims to even be using the right bible the NKJV which is a horrible modern translation.

2 Kings mentions the prophet Isaiah even though Isaiah’s book is later in the canon. So of course, you cannot read the bible front to back thinking you are getting a pure history lesson. You have to read around and know where to go. A good way of reading is say something like, I want to know what Jesus said to the apostles before he ascended to heaven. Good unlike the majority of Christians, they only read one gospel at a time, told to start with John. John was granted with strength to be there at the cross with Jesus, but I do not see any reason someone should start with John. They need to start with a topic. If you want to read the words of Jesus before the ascension of him to heaven, read the end of each gospel of course, and the beginning of Acts. If you want to know what happened at the crucifixion you need to find the appropriate chapter of each gospel that deals with it and compare stories. You can’t just read one account at once. Most people when reading the Bible chose to read one book of the bible at a time, even out of order starting with the Gospel of John. I did this too at first, but I didn’t like doing it so I stopped. You don’t read the bible that way. You read it for knowledge as the Holy Ghost guides you. You are being taught by church, guess it started with ancient synagogues because it still happens today, to read in order from beginning to end. This is wrong for instruction purposes and won’t teach you anything. It can be good to hear and food for the soul to hear it read, but not if you are tying to learn anything. you must learn from God and the way God teaches is to rightly divide the words of truth for you. So reading it from beginning to end doesn’t do that. Now I am being reminded of the people in China of course who wanted to hear it read from beginning to end. And I am thinking that they already knew it in their heart and just wanted communion with what they already knew. Like it wouldn’t matter so much if a believer read it from beginning to end if they were just to relax, but if they were trying to discern truths and false prophets, they need to go to scenes and concordant teachings and learn parallels in the text which means moving around a lot in it. Many people don’t know how to do that, and are only reading one side of the story, like for people who don’t learn what baptism is about. I say if you want to learn baptism, you need to learn where it came from, what it was, and every time it was mentioned. But the christian sects that exist today don’t teach that, they only tell their students in bible colleges to read certain verses and hide the truth. It’s similar to the science and math fake establishment set up. They only teach half what is true or even things that are lies! For baptism, you would read all about John the baptist, Jesus baptism, and the words of Jesus before he ascended! But most people are looking only at Acts or the words of Mark’s gospel! They refuse to look at the whole picture! That’s why they are all frauds. If you can say that you need to be baptized by men to be saved, you have hooked people into an earthly commitment to a church organization. They have hooked them, with tithe or loyalty and power. Because then you have to repay them or respect these false prophets by following them. But that’s not what God set up. God set it up so that Jesus baptizes from heaven with the Holy Ghost. Not men. Not angels. That way you know you can get baptized.  Then they scramble saying things like, well if you are out to sea, god will keep you alive long enough to meet a person who already was baptized to baptize you. It’s like the satanic ministries of the occult, of karate or something where ancient energies of power, really devils are given upon people in initiation rites. God has not the same thing going on. Satan’s led people into the flesh thinking that gifts of God are bestowed by men by their hands. But clearly, it happens by God’s action. If you want to learn what happens when we die, read all scripture referring to death and dead people. I think it’s pretty clear that when we die, we sleep, awaiting the resurrection of our bodies. We do not go to heaven then if we are sleeping. David was not in heaven, this was proclaimed but it does not mean he lost his salvation and was in hell. So this goes along more debunking of Harland Hoy, again, because he’s most likely still talking about ghosts and spirit world nonsense. We fight demons in Jesus name on earth, we do not leave our bodies to enter spiritual battle in hell with them because that is dangerous because then they can enter into our empty body. Devils have repeatedly tried pulling people out of their bodies for this purpose. It is possible I think people go to hell too when they die, that is if they mess around with this stuff, their body would be weakened so that when they die, the soul could get drawn out by devils into hell, rather than just stay there waiting for God’s Trumpet. It’s dangerous to practice the occult.

Now these people think the Word of God is the Bible, but they do have more truth, that even if God does pull us out of body, or in our body to heaven to show us things, it’s not important unless God tells us it is. We do not go actively seeking “experiences” of the paranormal becuase devils will gladly step in and fake our “experiences” for us. That is why we need to just feel glad being humble and listening to the Word of God. Now that means listening to what God tells us to do, not seeking to make God serve us, but seeking to serve God.  Most people on YouTube who call themselves Christians are speaking about how wonderful their paranormal experiences are. But this is all for edification of the person. For if it profit nothing for the rest of the Body of Christ, then there is no reason to tell. And not having these experiences is not evidence that one is not saved, but it is possible gift God can grant to people.  However, most people do not have that gift. In the history of people claiming to be christian, most people’s predictions and prophecies have failed. That means they did not have that gift at all. I do not believe I have that gift and I do not care if I did or not. I do not seek gifts. The christian world seeks gifts. I seek God. That is who you should be seeking. Not spiritual gifts like being able to fight devils. You should be seeking God, and learn what God wants from you. The evidence of saved person is a quest for God’s truth, and to become Holy like Jesus Christ, and having a repentant heart towards sin.  It is not in the gifts and supernatural things we can do. In fact, I even heard claims that Christians were flying around. But so I do not know if it’s true because in yoga practice they claim they can fly too. And by the way, Satan can empower a witch to cast out devils of people to give the illusion of healing, and even say it was done in the name of Christ. It’s false, true healing would lead someone to Christ actually, which means a changed heart towards sin. Not just a release of devils and better health in the body (Charismatic movement).

UPDATE 4/23/2014

Remote Viewing is the same as astral projection. Instead of leaving your body, your mind leaves and devils give you information because they are the ones that go to the akashick records (their library in hell) and find the information for you, or if it’s present, they just go and give you what you need. It’s done by the military establishment to gain knowledge. One big user is Major Ed Danes with his killshot. Russ Dizdar did mention the satanic supersoldier and Douglas Dietrich exposed the satanic obsession in the military too, that’s two sources with intel. Do not do RV and do not listen to people who do, they are getting their information from devils. Again I want to reiterate, godly men do not seek visions or experiences with God, God will give these experiences as we need them. We just need to seek God and not put God in a box saying we want him to be our little fortune teller. That is not how it works. We serve God not the other way around. I remember people who put their dreams and visions online like to say they asked God a question and God answered with a vision. Well I am not so sure. Moses had to wait 40 years to speak to God. So just because God is not apparently answering, does not mean he’s not there.

UPDATE 5/20/2014

The King James Bible must have been at least partially inspired. I say partially because I am still unsure why they added the name JEHOVAH into the Old Testament. When it is clear God’s name has been lost in the old Hebrew. by the evil scribes who changed the pronunciations of the language. What about the New Testament? When reading 1 Corinthians 14, I noticed there are two types of tongues being spoken of. Languages, that Paul was able to pick up very fast thanks to the Holy Ghost and also “unknown” tongues. And the word “unknown” is in italics showing that these words were added. So therefore they knew that they’re was a difference between the two. This is more than Pentecostals like Mike Blume can say, and I mean how dare he say people should contact him and try to debate him when amazing articles have already been written online? This guy is able to differentiate and point out the connections between the old testament and new testament. I don’t agree that God promised books to be our guiding light because the Holy Ghost told me already about tongues. It’s just constant lack of trust in Jesus Christ due to weak faith from people coming around trying to attack my faith and saying I can’t be blessed with the Holy Ghost because I didn’t speak tongues that I have to go into the Bible. If my faith was stronger, I wouldn’t need to. But the bible is here, and it debunks them clearly. Chapters 12-14 of 1 Corinthians. I only started worshiping God in August 2013 so I have many years of my faith being tested and growing ahead of me. It was a different spelling and they did have that word, they just used an I instead of a J. And the capitalization was not fixed though until 1900. So the people who did the PCE were inspired partially too. They knew the Bible was not the Word of God. The Bible now defines that clearly in Revelation 19:13. There is a difference in “tongues” and also a difference in “word” of God. Sometimes “word” lowercase is referring to the Word. But it’s not in caps because it’s only in caps where it’s obviously referring to something Eternal. They also know that God’s gift is the Holy Ghost because they use that instead of Holy Spirit, which is an invention of man.

“The clear preaching of God’s Word, prophesying, was for believers”

By this sentence where the commas are placed, he may even understand that God’s Word is not something to be read. How can you prophesize if you read a bible? That’s just reading. You prophesize if you invent new scripture by teaching what Jesus taught you. Because Jesus is the Word.

No I am wrong about him though. He gets the tongues thing right, but not this.

“Here, as in all places, our final authority for all that is believed, said, and practiced must be God’s Word (2 Tim. 3:16)”

He fails here because that verse is talking about scripture and it’s even only really talking about OT scripture, even though we can apply it to all scripture written by the Holy Ghost, which I dont believe should stop in the first century if there is such a thing found, we shouldn’t be worshiping just the books in the bible, The verse is not about the Word.

“Christ Himself commanded us to search the Scriptures that we might find the truth of a matter (Jn. 5:39, 46, 47).”

No he didn’t. Christ was talking here to the Pharisees who really believed in Moses but wouldn’t even believe the living Word who’s standing right in front of them. That’s the problem with these people, they think the Bible commands is speaking to them always, when sometimes it really is not.

This is an important verse not mentioned by him though.

1 Corinthians 14:36 What? came the word of God out from you? or came it unto you only?

This verse is a sharp rebuke by Paul when he read a letter by them that said the word of God came out from their mouths when they spoke. And he was not believing this. The word of God does not come out of the mouth of people when they speak these ecstatic pagan utterances. The word of God is coming to them only, though, through Paul, because the word of God corrects.

I wonder how Harland and Chase answer this:

THE Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:

This was translated by baptists who were not preterists. No baptist is really a Quaker, those led by the spirit refusing to go to church and pay their tithes. It is not possible as a preterist understands that water baptism has ceased! Harland and Chase don’t understand that, and they also don’t understand that this line being translated by futurist baptist believers of the Church of England were not going to translate “must shortly come to pass” if they were translating something they believed in. No one reads the first verse of Revelation because if they did, they would realize that they are wrong and that everything written in this book is talking about the coming judgements on the non-believeng Jews of the first century. Correspondingly, In Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 also say “this generation” meaning Jesus is very clear that everything was going to happen before the people hearing him died.  By the way, this was the destruction of God’s apostate chosen people. There are no more. I presume that the old dragon, serpent or whatever is not referring to Satan because Satan is obviously still running around causing mayhem. It must be referring to the apostate Jews. Therefore modern Jews cannot possibly have any relation at all, and are out of their minds thinking they are related to the Old Testament Jews, which do not exist anymore. Jews were the tribe of Judah. And the other tribes were lost already in the Old Testament scriptures, scattered around all over eastern Asia, still practicing certain beliefs of the Hebrews. I was led by God to find this article. It contrasts the silly thing going around online of the “black israelites” there is no such thing nor basis to it. The lost 10 tribes were dragged away by the enemies of Israel. Therefore it makes sense they were found on a certain path and not some random occurrence like these “black israelites” think they could be scattered all over the place in the Americas even!

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